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bruce springsteen

Why One Bad Decision May Tarnish Bruce Springsteen’s Legacy

I LOVE Bruce Springsteen. As a born + raised Jersey girl, I grew up with my mom dancing to “Hungry Heart” in our kitchen after dinner. Fourth of July was not the 4th without playing Bruce’s greatest hits on repeat. I’ve lost track of how many Bruce shows I’ve been to.

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pace PR

Pace Public Relations Partners with Words + Pixels

New York-based media relations agency Pace Public Relations has launched a strategic partnership with London-based PR agency Words + Pixels to provide high-growth businesses with access to international strategy, media insight and market-specific PR as they expand.

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news stand

The End of Six Iconic Magazines Made An Entire Generation Shed Tears

Spending my early PR years in-house representing a dozen or so magazines, I have a personal affinity for the glossies. For the better part of a decade, I sat in a newsroom as a spectator witnessing the beauty and perfection that goes into curating a magazine (without most of the frustrations the editors endured!)

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search on the mobile

Newsnation Taps Pace Public Relations to Lead Media Efforts for Leading Shows on the Cable Network

New York, NY; September 24, 2021 – New York-based, female-led boutique media relations agency, Pace Public Relations, is excited to announce its appointment as agency of record for NewsNation, the national news and entertainment cable television network owned by Nexstar Media Group.

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woman using the laptop

How Working A Full Day From an Office Became My Best Form of Self-Care

The unlikely change brought back a sense of normalcy into my life. By Annie Scranton, Founder and President at Pace Public Relations When the pandemic first started, I, like many of us, freaked out. I live in my New York…

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sign enjoy today

Why You Should Be Obsessed With What You Do

An article appeared in the New York Times in mid-January called “Goodbye New York. Andrew Moss is Leaving the Magazine He Has Edited for 15 Years.” In the exclusive interview, Andrew Moss reflects on why he decided to leave New York Magazine after working there for over a decade.

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PR News Sign

Honored to be Named a ‘Rising Star’ in PR

I was honored to be named a 2018 PRNews’ Rising Star for the 30 & under awards at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., for my successes with Pace PR. Of course, it was tremendously flattering to be nominated by my company, and see the level of investment put forth on behalf of submitting my hard work with campaigns, but this was also a nerve wracking moment for me.

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behind the camera

Looking to be a TV Pundit? For Constitutional Attorneys, the Timing Couldn’t be Better

As Democrats raise the stakes to impeach President Trump, constitutional attorneys are in a prime position to get booked on national TV. Now’s the time to dust off your CV because networks aren’t just reporting today’s news, they’re simultaneously preparing their future coverage.

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gamer in dark

The Changing Media Landscape

In a meeting this week, my colleagues and I had a conversation with our client about the changing media landscape. The discussion arose as we spoke with one of their team members in London about the Brexit media saturation the…

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Why Finding a Mentor is Part of Building a Career

You always hear professionals that have been in their industry for 20+ years, reflect on their early stage mentors. Whether it be someone in your company, an advisor at your college or an inspirational figure in your life, mentors teach…

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National Press Building

Three Things I Learned From a Day with PR News

Last Friday, three members of our PPR team were given the opportunity to attend a writing conference sponsored by PR News in Washington, D.C.. The conference was at the National Press Room, and it lasted all morning.

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room with chair and board

Why Education and “Learning on the Job” Meet in the Middle

I was recently asked to speak at my alma mater and talk about my experiences as both a student and a PR professional. I immediately felt nervous and began to scramble for memories I could reflect on; memories of substance that could, in fact, be a teachable moment.

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