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When you partner with our leading NYC PR firm, not only do you benefit from our many years of knowledge and expertise regarding the inner workings of the media, but you’ll also receive top notch media placements in television, print, radio and online. Annie Scranton and her team of PR gurus have close personal and professional ties with many journalists, reporters, and producers. Pace Public Relations can help you craft your message in a compelling and interesting way that tells a good story for every mass media outlet. In addition to traditional PR services, we also offer media training, SEO services, thought leadership, social media management, and so much more.

A public relations (PR) firm helps promote various companies, business and/or individuals through the means of media placements and editorial coverage. A PR agency works to promote their clients in the media, help them understand and reach their target audience and properly deliver their message in an engaging and meaningful way.

While advertising does play an important role in a company’s brand awareness, the media exposure that comes from PR efforts serves a much broader purpose. When your business or brand is featured in a segment on TV or radio, it’s considered earned attention from the media. This genuine press coverage and exposure from major news outlets is reaching thousands of viewers, including potential investors, customers, and partners. Moreover, these earned media placements provide immediate boosts in brand awareness, credibility, and consumer trust.

Every person, brand or company can benefit from PR services. Public relations, when done correctly, will give your business more brand exposure to a much broader audience. If your company is still relatively unknown and lacking in familiarity among consumers, then PR efforts can provide the immediate boost in awareness and credibility your company needs.

The main advantage of PR is that it can greatly improve your company’s profile by boosting your brands’ credibility, reputation, and awareness. However, a disadvantage is that there’s no real guarantee with PR that it will successfully improve sales for your products or services, and if your message during a media interview is poorly delivered, it may end up having a negative effect on your brand reputation. This is the main reason that media training is so important prior to going live, and why we highly recommend to all of our clients that they receive some media training prior to their first TV interview.

PR projects and monthly retainers vary for each client. The cost of a monthly retainer with our PR firm will depend upon your goals and the unique plan we create for your brand. When you have your initial consultation with our team, we will go over your short-term and long-term goals for media placements and what you want them to accomplish for your business. For example, sometimes a client is seeking primarily TV placements that will help them leverage new clients or customers, whereas others are only interested in web placements and backlinks for SEO purposes. Be sure to include your PR goals in the above form!