When most people think of PR, they imagine press releases, networking events, or even damage control for a clients’ reputation, but there is much more that goes into the art of Public Relations. A top PR firm is able to help their clients improve their brand image and reach their goals through cultivating a good reputation within the public. Finding the right PR agency is crucial for your personal brand, and as a top PR firm in NYC, Pace Public Relations has successfully customized and tailored each client’s publicity plan through the guidance and expertise of PPR’s President and Founder, Annie Scranton.

Through her time as a reporter and TV producer, Annie has built relationships with key press members and receives requests every day to fulfill the booking needs of several top news outlets in NYC. She knows the ins-and-outs of a television station, and therefore she has a unique understanding of how to effectively pitch clients to the media, and even more importantly, who to reach out to when pitching her clients. This behind-the-scenes knowledge sets Pace PR apart from the crowd of PR agencies in NYC.

We Are the Media

Our full-service communications firm specializes in all things related to the media because, simply put, we are the media. Many members of the PPR team – including Founder + President, Annie Pace Scranton – have extensive career backgrounds in the broadcasting and media fields. Most team members were TV producers, print reporters, editors and publishers for years prior to working in the PR industry.

Since the Pace PR team does have such a widespread background in media, we have developed strong relationships with many media moguls, producers and professionals, and have used these connections to get our clients booked on national television and in major magazines and publications.

Diverse Client List

There are several NYC PR companies that offer these services, so what deems Pace PR as a top PR firm in NYC? For starters, most PR firms will take on clients within the same industry or field, but not Pace PR. The client list at PPR is diverse and extensive, allowing the team to provide press outlets with segment ideas and pitches that are out-of-the-box, spreading across multiple fields.

Personalized Attention

PPR provides every single client with personalized attention and consistent communication. While many PR agencies in NYC are unable to give each of their clients the individual time and attention they deserve and require, PPR is unlike other NYC PR firms. Annie Scranton has assembled a dynamic team of PR experts, each completely capable and efficient in the field of public relations. When it comes to PR and marketing, no one does it like the Pace PR crew. They work together to seamlessly provide consistent communication and deliver high-quality PR to each and every client.

For each new client, the Pace PR team will speak with you about your immediate and long-term goals to better understand what you want to achieve right now, this year or even five years from now. Knowing your goals and motivating forces are going to help the team to craft an PR strategy that’s tailored specifically for you.

Media Exposure

With PPR’s specialization in TV, web, print and radio placements, there is no shortage of media exposure for Pace PR clients. Television studios are often looking for experts that can speak on breaking news stories, and Pace PR can assist in making you the go-to-expert in your own industry, opening endless doors and possibilities for your business and brand. Pace Public Relations has a stellar reputation of getting clients featured in major newspapers, magazines and TV news stations. Check out some of the top media outlets that have featured PPR clients!

Broadcast Media Placements

While Pace PR excels in achieving placements within all forms of media, broadcast media is definitely where we excel the most. With such a strong background in television, Annie Pace Scranton is able to use her professional relationships and personal connections to achieve maximum exposure for her clients within TV and radio.

You may be wondering if TV and radio still make an impact. Absolutely, it does! There is no comparison to the immediate brand visibility, awareness and credibility that stems from being interviewed or speaking on a TV or a top radio station.

More than Just PR

As a top media communications agency in NYC, media exposure is only part of what PPR offers their clients. Listed among their additional services are:

Media Training: It is imperative that you are as camera-ready for your big TV interview as possible. That’s why PPR works exclusively with Sorrentino Media, a full-service video production company. Mike Sorrentino offers expert media and TV interview tips and training that guarantees a perfect on-air delivery.

Social Media: Maintaining a constant and engaging presence on your social media is a challenge! Pace PR will both help to manage and maintain your brand image on all social media platforms.

SEO: If your website isn’t receiving the traffic and conversions that it should be, then ask us about our SEO services. Our top-notch SEO specialist has a proven track record of dramatically improving website organic rankings and traffic.

Thought Leadership: Aside from crafting a perfect PR strategy for your company, we can also promote your entrepreneurial journey via by writing and placing op-eds, or by posting regularly on LinkedIn, and much more.

Book PR: Calling all authors! We have a Literary Agency division at Pace PR that assist both first-time and seasoned authors to pitch their books to leading publishing houses and editors.

Learn more about our additional services, aside from traditional media placements in TV, radio and print.

Contact Our NYC PR Firm Today!

If you’ve been searching for a top PR firm in NYC, then we are confident that Annie and the entire PPR team can provide your brand with the marketing & PR you’ve been looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact Pace PR online or by phone at 212-254-4730 today to learn more about PR and marketing, to discuss partnering with our NYC PR agency and to start getting your name recognized in the broadcast media world.