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Pace Team Explores Local Climate Solutions

In honor of Earth Day, Pace’s Community & Culture Committee organized a local climate solutions outing this week in partnership with the Central Park Conservancy. As a NYC-based PR firm with a designated team that focuses on climate solutions, we…

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Pace PR Wins Ragan’s Top Places to Work in Communications

“Should I submit my company for awards?”… “Which awards are going to make the most impact?” … “How likely will I win?” There’s a sea of awards submissions and questions we field to help our clients navigate through awards programs…

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#TimTalk – The guide to earned media with Annie Pace Scranton


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Thoughtful Entrepreneur: Annie Scranton speaks with Josh Elledge, host of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast.


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Is All PR Good PR? (Debunking the Myths)

PR is a longstanding strategic and beneficial instrument used by businesses and individuals to shape their public image and manage their reputation. But various myths have woven themselves into the fabric of the field over time. One such myth is the notion…

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perfecting a tv pitch

How to Craft the Perfect TV Pitch

For nearly 13 years, I’ve worked in a PR agency and have experienced a consistent truth: the allure of broadcast television is nearly irresistible. Even clients who initially seem reluctant to incorporate TV into their media strategy invariably succumb to…

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discussion room

Crisis Communications: What is It & Why Does it Matter in a PR Strategy?

Organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes are susceptible to various challenges and unforeseen circumstances that can quickly escalate into a crisis. When a does crisis strike, time is of the essence, and having effective communication becomes paramount to…

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video game

Unlocking the Game Plan: Mastering Video Game PR for Players & Industry Professionals

The video game industry has become a global powerhouse, with millions of gamers and a market worth billions of dollars. With such a massive audience, effective public relations strategies have become essential for both gamers and video game companies. From…

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June 2023: A Month for Summer Trends

Summer has gotten off to a busy start for both the Business and Lifestyle teams at Pace – the recent news cycle and key moments and trends of the summer have proven to be big moments for clients this June….

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public relations

8 Benefits & Advantages of Public Relations in 2023

Public relations has long been a mainstay of communications and marketing. While Sex & The City’s Samantha Jones showcases the PR industry in a glamorous and high-powered setting, the important and role of PR goes much deeper than that. The…

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May 2023: A Month for Affiliates

Flowers aren’t the only thing May ushers in – it’s also the time to begin prepping for the busy gift guide season in the media, which really heats up during the summer. And following the pandemic and the rise +…

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Marketing vs. PR: What Are the Differences & Similarities?

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, effective communication and promotion are crucial for the success of any organization. Two key disciplines that play a significant role in shaping public perception and generating brand awareness are marketing and public relations. While…

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