February was a big month for us at PPR, and for all media, as Valentine’s Day is always a huge focus. Naturally, February was all about the heart – our hearts and feelings while in relationships (both good and bad!), what our hearts symbolize, and even heart health. Several of our clients were featured in the media this month around these topics, and below we’ve included a roundup of them all for you to check out!

LIT Method (LIT stands for: Low Impact Training) and their new LIT AXIS were featured in an amazing segment on the TODAY Show where they showed the anchors how to do an effective at-home workout you can do with your partner!

Harvard-trained psychologist, breakup expert, and Letting Go of Your Ex author Dr. Cortney Warren spoke about everything from the toxic phrases that can ruin a relationship on CNBC.com, to if we can actually manifest love with HelloGiggles, to karmic relationships on Romper, where NYC psychotherapist Dr. Kathryn Smerling also shares expert insight. 

And it wouldn’t be the month of love without gift giving – jewelry, accessories, and more! Auvere, a Black-owned, exclusively high-karat gold luxury jewelry brand was highlighted in multiple gift guides, and its NYC-based, Caribbean-American co-founder and designer, Gina Love shared about her own love life with JCK Online. Lingerie brand EBY (stands for: Empowered By You) and premium footwear + accessories brand Moral Code also made their rounds in the gift guides, just in time for February 14th.

See below for the full list of these standout hits! What a month – and that’s not including the rest of the hits we scored for our amazing clients in February. We want to send a huge thank you to all of the writers, editors, and producers involved with the above, and we can’t wait to see what March holds!

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