An article appeared in the New York Times in mid-January called “Goodbye New York. Andrew Moss is Leaving the Magazine He Has Edited for 15 Years.” In the exclusive interview, Andrew Moss reflects on why he decided to leave New York Magazine after working there for over a decade.

Moss said, “I don’t wake up obsessed every morning, and I used to. And I think, actually, you kind of need to be obsessed.”

The idea that you need to be obsessed with the work you do every day has always motivated me to find a path where I could, in fact, wake up each morning passionate about the job I do. Obviously, other people feel the same way too. You work 40+ hours a week and spending such a large portion of that time doing something you hate can be soul-wrenching.

As you navigate your career path, it’s important to look at your job from every point of view. The salary, the benefits, and the location are all important factors that will ultimately alter part of your daily life, but the job itself will be what makes your 9-5 something to be excited about. I genuinely believe successful people become successful because they love what they do. Of course, there will be days when stress beats you down, and your bed sounds more enticing than your office chair, but that shouldn’t be every day.

Find a job and pursue a career that you want to tell people about. It’s inspiring to surround yourself with people that love their jobs and are working towards a goal that in the end makes them happy.

With that said, don’t settle for a career path just because it pays the bills. The reality is your week is seven days long, and your job takes up five of them. Strive for a career that doesn’t make you wish for the weekend but makes you look forward to Monday.

—By PPR Staff