“The story of humanity rising to meet the challenge of climate change is full of things that seemed impossible until they became reality,” Marcy Franck, The Climate Optimist Newsletter

Earth Month was first celebrated in 1970, but its importance has become increasingly relevant in recent years as the climate crisis reaches a critical level. Here at Pace PR, we honor the Earth every month of the year, approaching sustainability and climate change as an ongoing opportunity to drive innovation, build resilience, and create positive impact for our planet and society. We proudly represent many
impressive leaders of the climate movement, as well as many executives making sustainability a business priority. We work with these clients to craft compelling and authentic stories the media wants to write about, sharing their insights to educate and raise awareness for one of the most important issues we face today. 

Looking back on April, and in honor of Earth Month, let’s celebrate some of the stories we secured for our climate experts last month: 

Dr. Deborah Brosnan, marine scientist and founder of Deborah Brosnan & Associates, joined CNBC, CNN Business, CBS News, and the Bloomberg Businessweek Podcast this April to discuss her incredible Ocean-Shot project – which is replacing damaged coral reefs with man-made reefs designed to withstand the effects of climate change, promote biodiversity, and protect the coastline – and spoke to U.S. News & World Report about renewable energy and how to adapt to resource scarcity.

In the same vein of protecting our earth’s oceans, ocean conservationist Andi Cross, creator of Edges of Earth, shared with Forbes her story of leaving the corporate world to go on a two-year diving expedition, aiming to help those on the frontlines of conservation tell their stories and inspire the next generation to take action.

ReSeed, a full-service carbon solution provider that brings carbon credits directly from farmers to the market, spoke to Food Ingredients 1st about the EU’s new global deforestation law that threatens to exclude smallholder farmers.

Metal packaging leader Trivium Packaging’s 2023 Buying Green Report was picked up by several outlets this month – including Ad Age, Packaging Strategies, Packaging Technology Today, and more – as it revealed that consumers are willing to spend more for sustainable packaging, especially younger consumers aged 18-24.

And one of our renewable energy-focused clients, Pivot Energy – a national leader in comprehensive commercial and community solar resources – joined the Renewable Energy SmartPod to chat about the basics and momentum of community solar.

See below for the full list of these client hits. A big thank you as always to the writers and producers of these pieces of coverage.

CNBC: Ocean-Shot Rebuilds Coral Reefs to Save Island Economics After Climate Damage

CNBC: Billionaire Founder of Paul Mitchell and Patron Invests in Man-Made Coral Reefs

CNN Business: The Man-Made Coral Reefs Helping Protect Sea Life

CBS News: Scientists Are Creating Stronger Coral Reefs in Record Time – By “Gardening” Underwater

Bloomberg Businessweek Podcast: Investment Opportunities for Oceans

U.S. News & World Report: Megatrends: Climate Change and Resource Scarcity

Forbes: From Office Worker to Ocean Explorer: Woman Who Learned to Swim at 30 Quits Job to Go On a Two-Year Diving Expedition

Renewable Energy SmartPod: The Buzz Around Community Solar with Kacie Peters from Pivot Energy

Food Ingredients 1st: EU’s Global Deforestation Law Finds Industry Favor But Smallholder Farmers Fear Trade Exclusion

Ad Age: Consumer Demand for Sustainable Packaging Increases Despite Inflation

Packaging Strategies: New Data Show Consumers Increasingly Choose Products in Sustainable Packaging

Packaging Technology Today: New Data Reveals Consumers Increasingly Choose Products in Sustainable Packaging

Beauty Packaging: Consumers Are Willing to Pay More for Products in Sustainable Packaging

Packaging Labeling: New Data Reveals Consumers Increasingly Choose Products in Sustainable Packaging Globally, Despite Rising Prices

Food Industry Executive: New Data Reveals Consumers Increasingly Choose Products in Sustainable Packaging Globally, Despite Rising Prices

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