You’ve been working hard at school for the past several months and now the time has come for you to put those theories you’ve read about to the test. You’ve landed your first internship! Although you pay attention in class and have worked summer jobs before, you may be questioning your abilities.

Here are some tips to make sure that you kill it at your first internship, and to ensure that you get the most from this exciting, new opportunity.

1) Be open

No amount of glassdoor reviews and stalking of coworker LinkedIn pages will give you an accurate account of what the company you are interning for is actually like. And no job description will encompass all that you may be asked to do. That’s why it’s important to stay open. Walk through those doors each day with an open mind, and you’ll find your way.

2) Be willing

Even if you’re asked to do something that isn’t in the job description, be willing to help someone out, even if the task isn’t glamorous. You may learn a new skill, or find a new passion. Remember, internships are not only for potentially gaining employment, but more importantly, for finding out what it is that you love. And you’ll never really know which tasks get you excited or makes you tick if you don’t give it a try.

3) Familiarize Yourself With the Clientele

You can’t properly showcase your abilities if you’re not familiar with what your employer does, and who they do it for. One of the most important parts of PR is keeping up with trends, and noticing things in the news cycle that may benefit one of your clients. Being an intern is not an excuse for not being familiar, when most of your clients are a google search away.

4) And Ask Questions

This is probably one of the best kept secrets amongst senior staff that interns must learn …you’re not expected to know everything! Believe it or not, the people that hired you don’t expect you to be an expert. So ask plenty of questions, and soak up this new experience!

– By Jasmine Martin