The COVID-19 pandemic brought unparalleled challenges for companies worldwide. At a time when businesses have their employees working remotely, are functioning with a limited staff, or have had shut their doors indefinitely, it may feel as though the year 2020 is not a time for business growth. But despite these unprecedented times, there do exist ways to continue growing your business and brand amid a global crisis.

One of these ways is through public relations. Having a strong media presence is more important than ever. Earning attention from the media could not only save your business, but it could also improve your company’s reputation and help you reach your goals. Learn more about what PR is and how it can help during COVID-19.

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is considered earned media. Rather than growing your business through paid efforts, such as ads and commercials, PR is about building your brand’s credibility and developing a relationship with your target audience. But public relations doesn’t only serve your brand and goals. When done correctly, PR will also simultaneously help the media contacts – such as producers and reporters – as well as your public audience.

Further, a good PR strategy will consist of media placements, press releases, pitches to various outlets, social media, content creation and much more.

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Why Can Having a Media Prescence Help Your Business to Grow?

A publicist can help increase your bottom line by plugging you into news stories that are consistent with your company’s message. Reporters, editors, producers, and bloggers will then run the feature – whether online, via television or in print – leading to positive brand exposure for your business. This will instantly broaden your brand’s credibility and stature in the public because the news is stemming from a trusted third party, as opposed to a paid advertisement. When you are interviewed by a news source, your entire appearance will shift into one of authority and respect.

In addition to receiving an immediate boost in reputation, you will also have excellent media clips to showcase on your website or in your decks and presentations during proposals with potential clients or investors.


The lasting effects of PR will not develop overnight – no matter how excellent your publicist or PR campaign – but over time, and after frequent media placements, your brand will become more distinguished and easily recognizable. With increased visibility from PR efforts, your business can grow, even amid these difficult times, and you’ll find that it’s a far better investment than solely relying on traditional advertising.

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