This past year has been anything but normal. College was always something I had looked forward to; everyone around me raved about their experiences which only built up my excitement. Unfortunately, that was met with a harsh reality. I hated the school I attended my first semester freshman year and decided to transfer. It wasn’t until I started at Boston University that things began to look up for me. However, not even a year later, life as I knew it would come to a halt. COVID changed everything, lockdowns were put in place, the school went online, and summer plans were canceled.

By the start of 2021, I had adjusted to this new normal. Online school was regular, wearing a mask was expected, and the pandemic was ever-present. Despite the past year’s events, the world continued to spin, and I was getting older with it. In January, I began my search for the perfect public relations summer internship. I knew I wanted to work for a strong, passionate public relations company, one that I could learn from and contribute to. As time passed, and I received few responses, my hope began to fade.

In March of 2021, my luck began to turn around. Through a mutual connection, I reached out to Annie Scranton of Pace Public Relations, and with one email, my journey to summer 2021 started. From there, Annie connected me to Alix, who would eventually interview me for the position as a Pace Public Relations intern.

Logging on to the interview, I was a bundle of nerves. But, the minute I opened the Zoom, I was met with the smiling faces of Alix and Natalie, and all of those nerves subsided. When the interview ended, I remember thinking to myself, I found the company I want to work for. The women were strong, confident, and genuinely pleasant to speak with. The next few days were agonizing, waiting to hear back, but I was filled with excitement when I got that email. When I saw the first line saying “great news!” my face must have lit up. I even got a text from a friend who was in my Zoom class saying, “You’re grinning from ear to ear. What happened?”

Just two short months later, it was my first day at Pace Public Relations. The first day was a whirlwind of meeting everyone and getting the lay of the land, but even so, I was so ready to begin. By the end of my first day, I had gone to my first company meeting, wrote a pitch, created a media list, and met everyone on the team. Although it had only been 9 hours, I already felt as though I had learned so much, and yet I still had plenty left to be taught.

Many people have spoken to me about their first internship experiences and how all they did was get coffee or listen to meetings. Here at Pace PR, I have felt a part of the team since the start. Getting real hands-on–albeit virtual–experience is vital, and I think that the women at Pace PR have been incredible in making sure I receive that.

At the start of the pandemic, I had just finished my first semester of sophomore year. Now I’m getting ready to head into my senior year. Where has the time gone? Everyone thought that we would be back to normal in a few weeks. Weeks quickly turned to months, and now here we are a year and a half later. But, for the first time in a while, I’m excited about what the future holds.

– Written by Isabella Biegen

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