If you’re planning on having a profession in the PR industry, then interning at a local agency is a great place to start. Internships allow you to get your feet wet, to learn more about the ins and outs of PR and can help you decide if it truly is the right career path for you.

This is what a current intern at Pace PR has to say about her time as an intern with the PPR team: “Interning at Pace Public Relations has been such a valuable experience. I have had the opportunity to get to work with an incredible and dedicated team of PR professionals and have gained real insight into working at an agency and within the industry. I am constantly learning through my internship responsibilities such as writing pitches, conducting research, creating media lists, assisting in outreach, and more. This opportunity has prepared me and has made me eager to begin my career in PR!”

Even if you’re a non-PR major, consider some of the reasons and benefits of interning with a public relations firm!

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1)     Learn Real-World Client Relations Skills

Most public relations agencies have clients in a vast array of different industries. The way you need to interact with one may not be the same as another. You need to be adaptable. Having this hands-on experience of communicating with different clients will help you to hone your style of communication and teach you to adjust your approach with each client accordingly. It’s also going to bolster your emotional intelligence and provide you with valuable experience prior to working in the real-world.

2)     Gain Multitasking & Organizational Experience

PR firms are often very fast-pace environments where each day could present a new project or a different set of tasks. As a PR intern, you’ll need to learn how to juggle various tasks at once and master the art of balancing responsibilities and managing your time effectively. This high-level experience is invaluable to young people that are eager to build a strong reputation and professional background prior to starting their career journey.

3)     Earn College Credit

Colleges are aware that a hands-on experience is often times just as valuable – if not more so – than in-class education. Many universities offer college credit to students that spend a semester doing an internship. Regardless of your major, a PR internship will help you hone valuable skills that you will need in the real-world, such as strong written and verbal communication, time management, multitasking and balancing a full workload.

4)     Add Experience to Your Resumé

As a college grad, you may find that your resumé is pretty bare. Aside from education and few extra curriculum activities, most don’t have a whole lot to show from their four years at school. An internship could set you apart from the crowd, and lead to employment upon graduation. Employers often look at internships as a bode of confidence in your ability to multitask and take on responsibility. You will also have professional references to provide a potential future employer who can speak to your skillsets and experiences.

5)     Grow Your Professional Network

During your time as a PR intern, you will meet a lot of new and interesting people, some within the PR field and others within an industry you may have never considered otherwise. It is not uncommon for college internships to lead the way into full-time employment, either with the PR agency you interned with, or through the various connections you will make throughout the course of the internship.

Apply to Become an Intern at Pace PR!

Pace PR is always looking for interns to join our team and get great hands-on experience in the PR world. Regardless of your major, a PR internship is beneficial for any youth that is looking to acquire highly sought-after skills, including multitasking, time management and adaptableness. Get in touch with the PPR team today if you’re interested in learning more about an internship at our NYC PR firm!