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video game

Unlocking the Game Plan: Mastering Video Game PR for Players & Industry Professionals

The video game industry has become a global powerhouse, with millions of gamers and a market worth billions of dollars. With such a massive audience, effective public relations strategies have become essential for both gamers and video game companies. From…

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healthcare industry

PR For Doctors, Physicians, and the Healthcare Industry

Public relations, or PR, is crucial for managing and enhancing a company’s reputation, involving communication with various stakeholders such as the media, patients, and employees. PR can play a vital role in creating a positive perception, increasing visibility, and building…

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Cybersecurity PR: Effective Strategies for Cybersecurity Companies

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important concern in today’s digital age, as individuals and companies face the constant threat of cyberattacks and data breaches. With the ever-evolving nature of technology and the rise of sophisticated cyber criminals, the need for…

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Pace PR Now Offers Affiliate PR Services: Why a One-Stop-Shop is Key for Successful Product Elevation

In the conversation of evolving brand elevation tactics, you’ve probably come across or heard about affiliate marketing or affiliate PR. You may even have an account set up on an affiliate platform already. But by utilizing this vital tool to…

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legal pr

Legal PR: An Intro to Litigation Public Relations

The legal field can be complex and competitive, and establishing yourself as a leader in the area can be challenging. As a legal professional, it is important to have excellent legal skills and communicate your expertise to your target audience….

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small business

Small Business PR: Public Relations Strategies for Small Businesses

In an era when the social web is expanding, and consumer power is increasing, small businesses face the challenge of remaining relevant, attracting customers, and retaining their loyal following. However, competing with larger corporations in public relations can be difficult…

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luxury brand

Luxury PR: Public Relations Strategies for Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are unique in selling products and a luxurious lifestyle and experience. Therefore, maintaining a strong public image and cultivating a sense of exclusivity is crucial for luxury brands. Similar to lifestyle brands, luxury brands need PR as it…

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Book PR: Public Relations Strategies For Books and Authors

Let’s say you have an incredible idea, a gift for the written word, and write a great book. You’re all set, right? Not so much. Unfortunately, more than a good idea and publisher is needed to make a book successful….

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corporate pr

Corporate PR: What is it and Why is it Important?

Marketing is key for any business to thrive. But it’s so much more than just selling a product or service. While public relations is typically thought of as bringing that service or item to an audience, it’s also necessary to…

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tourism PR

Tourism PR: Public Relations Strategies for Travel Companies

The world is filled with hundreds of destinations, thousands of hotels, and even more attractions. So, convincing a traveler to choose one over the other boils down to the power of public relations. If the tourism PR is done well,…

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B2B PR: What is It?

Business to business (B2B) public relations is very similar to traditional marketing and public relations, but with a focus on targeting other businesses rather than consumers. The main difference between B2B and B2C PR is the type of audience you…

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Lifestyle PR: What is It?

If you’ve ever worked in marketing, you’ve likely heard the term “lifestyle PR” other known as consumer PR. But what exactly is it– and why do brands benefit from this particular form of public relations? In the simplest of definitions,…

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