We customize a public relations strategy for clients based on goals, needs, and personal brand, getting them the media attention they want and need.

Pace Public Relations (PPR) is a full-service media relations and communications agency. At PPR, we strategically customize & tailor each client’s publicity plan and PR campaign to meet their specific goals while maximizing their media exposure. Specializing in television, radio, print and web placements, PPR is the direct conduit for clients with press that they want and need to attract.

As a former print reporter and television producer, PPR’s president Annie Pace Scranton knows what it takes to ensure that each client is effectively pitched to the media. Beyond strategizing an outreach plan, Annie has built a core relationship with key members of the press, and individually fields requests every single day to help fulfill their booking needs. As a top PR firm, we’re not only able to promote you and your product directly, but we’re also able to plug you into fast-changing and breaking news stories by making you the go-to expert in your industry.

At PPR, we don’t just specialize in just one type of client; we have a diverse client list that allows us to provide the press with out-of-the-box segment ideas and story pitches across multiple fields. Some of these fields include:

Each client is guaranteed personalized attention and consistent communication.


With her experience as a television producer, and the relationships she’s built with key members of the media, Annie Pace Scranton fulfills booking needs for producers and her clients every single day. These news outlets include Good Morning America, FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, Today, HLN, CBS, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Fast Company, Inc., WSJ, NY Times and leading radio programs + stations such as NPR and Sirius XM and a variety of podcasts.

Broadcast TV, Video, Digital, Print & Radio/Podcast Exposure

It seems as though the possibilities for brand recognition and traditional media placements are endless. Pace Public Relations is able to plug their clients into breaking news stories on live television, making them the go-to experts in their industry and profession.


As a leading NYC PR agency, we consistently help our clients reach their personal and professional goals. One way we do this is by gaining them bookings and placements in broadcast media. Segments on national and local television, radio, or even podcasts, allow you to reach a wide audience in a short amount of time. There are different types of broadcast media, and media placements on these various platforms, can function uniquely for you and your business.

What is Broadcast Media?

When someone is talking about “media,” they could be referring to a wide range of communication methods supplied by the press. These include television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and digital articles. But broadcast media, to put it plainly, is mainly referring to TV and radio.

It’s no secret that new media has soared, leading to a large portion of mass communication to take place by means of digital technologies via the internet.

Radio & TV Placements

Many ask, “Does TV and radio still make an impact?” The definitive answer? Yes. Absolutely. Nothing beats the visibility that TV & radio can gain you or your company. Not only can appearances on broadcast media and interviews make a huge impact on your overall brand image and reputation, it also enhances the credibility and legitimacy of your company. This increases opportunities to grow your business and leverage new clients.

As a former television producer, Annie Scranton has a unique perspective on broadcasting because she was a part of that world for several years. She understands the simple fact that journalists and producers are extremely busy people. As a producer, she would receive hundreds of email pitches every day, and she – like almost every producer – would delete the ones from senders she didn’t know or recognize. The competition for TV placements is incredibly intense. Having a strong PR team behind you, with strong media connections and background knowledge, is essential to consistently gaining bookings on TV, radio, and all broadcast media.

Get Bookings in Broadcast Media with Pace PR!

While placements in print and web are vital in today’s evolving digital world, don’t overlook the important role that TV and radio still play in the daily lives of people, nation wide. Luckily for our clients, Pace PR specializes in it all. We can get you the right media attention you need and want. Our team would be thrilled to explain more about TV placements and bookings in broadcast media. We want to help you achieve a PR strategy, personally tailored to you and your brand!

Traditional Media

What is “traditional media?” The term traditional media refers to TV, print, and radio. While web placements, such as online news articles or blog features, are becoming increasingly valuable, considering how drastically technology has evolved, traditional media still holds first place as being the most effective way to portray your message to the public. Before diving into how placements in traditional media can benefit any company, individual, or brand, it’s important to understand how each aspect of traditional media serves a specific purpose.

Broadcast Media & TV Bookings

Broadcast media includes the traditional forms of mass media, primarily made up of television and radio. Despite the flourishing digital world, this form of media remains incredibly important and relevant in today’s world. Broadcast media can immediately raise your brand, or company’s, awareness, visibility, and credibility.

When it comes to television, nothing beats seeing yourself, or your company, on TV. Whether it’s a live interview on national cable news, or a brief segment on your local network, broadcast media remains a leading avenue of mass communication. Why? Simply because of the wide national audience and sheer number of viewers that tune in to their local news channels every day. The team at Pace Public Relations carries a wealth of knowledge and experience in the TV news world. As a result, every Pace PR client can proudly say that they have appeared on television. If you’re interested in receiving TV bookings for yourself or company, reach out to our team to learn more.

How Can Placements in Traditional Media Help You?

Before hiring a PR firm, it’s important to know what your goals are – both long term and short term – and what you want to achieve this month, this year, and even five years from now. Pace PR has a vast array of clients from different fields and backgrounds and each one of them has different goals. This is why we customize and tailor each PR strategy to every client.

Are you interested in getting quoted in various online articles and blogs to receive backlinks for SEO purposes? Are you looking to use PR to leverage new clients? Do you mainly want to have the overall brand awareness, legitimacy, and credibility that comes with TV placements? Knowing your goals and having an idea of what you hope to achieve through media placements, will greatly impact what your PR strategy will look like, and the angles that your publicist will take in order to generate the desired outcomes.

Whether it’s a large company, a start-up, an individual person, or a product brand, everyone can benefit from traditional media placements. Understanding your goals and what drives you, will help your publicist craft a pitch that tells your story. It also ensures that you’re placed in the traditional media that is best for you. Whether that be print, radio, TV, or all of the above.


Who doesn’t love to see themselves – or their company – featured on TV? You can count on broadcast success at Pace Public Relations! Pace PR’s staff touts a wealth of experience in the TV news world, with professional backgrounds as TV news producers. That translates into a wide reach to all major networks. Every Pace PR client can proudly say they have appeared on television.

When referring to “broadcast media,” this means traditional television. It’s no secret that new media has soared, leading to a large portion of mass communication to take place through digital technologies, like streaming networks, videos and podcasts. But even with the surge of new media, the Internet is no match for broadcast media, which still commands the largest share of advertising in the United States and an instant boost in your credibility and brand-building.

At Pace PR, we work with our clients to help tell their story in the most impact way to lead to a TV booking. Through segments on national and local television, radio, or even podcasts, you’re able to reach a large audience in a short amount of time.

It’s tough to beat the exposure that you get from a full feature or glossy spread about you and your business. PPR boasts a reputation of getting clients featured in quoted in all major newspapers and magazines in all verticals.

Newspapers and magazines are still a leading form of mass media through which people stay connected and main up to date with the latest news and happenings across the globe. Whether it’s a glossy spread in a magazine about your business or an interview in a national newspaper that discusses your company, it’s tough to beat the media exposure, brand awareness and boost in reputation that ensues from these placements.

Getting a blog or news or lifestyle site to write about your company is always a win. Why? Our agency always aims to get the ever valuable hyperlink back to your company’s website – driving new traffic to your business.


Radio is a great platform to reach a wide demographic, consisting of potential clients, and it generally affords the opportunity for a lengthier, more in-depth interview. Radio clips make great marketing materials and help hone the message you want to convey about your company.

Pace PR’s Founder and President, Annie Scranton, is always telling her clients to never underestimate the power of radio. Despite the world becoming increasingly more digital, there is still something to be said for radio interviews and segments. The greater portion of the nation tunes into radio stations every single week. Radio remains an excellent mass media platform where you can reach a wide demographic, including potential clients. Additionally, radio segments generally allow for a lengthier interview, providing great opportunities to really hone the message you want to convey about yourself, your company, or your brand.

PR Services FAQ

What industries does Pace PR work with?

Pace PR has worked with clients in a variety of industries and sectors, from tech to entertainment to health and wellness. We are always interested in learning about new industries and helping our clients tell their stories.

How do you measure success?

At Pace PR, we strive to measure our successes in terms of results and impact. We want to ensure that our clients are getting real value out of the work that we do – whether it be media coverage, speaking engagements or networking opportunities. As such, we track both the quantity and quality of placements and engagements we secure for our clients. We also take into account the level of engagement that each placement has with its audience and how it contributes to moving the needle of their business goals. Ultimately, it’s all about our clients satisfaction and success.

What is the timeline for PR services?

The timeline of a PR project depends on the client and their goals. Generally, we suggest having an initial launch window of between 60-90 days. We work with our clients to build out a tailored plan that fits their needs and timelines. This may include everything from crafting a compelling brand story to identifying and pitching potential media opportunities. With effective planning and execution, you can expect to see measurable results within the first three months of our partnership.

What type of support do you offer?

At Pace PR, we strive to provide consistent and thorough support throughout the entire process. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions, provide strategic advice and offer guidance. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and reach new heights on the PR front. We also assist with various marketing needs, including website SEO, social media management and thought leadership.