Laura Amy

Laura Amy

SEO Strategist

Laura Amy became Pace PR’s SEO Strategist & Consultant in August 2019. She specializes in strategic on-page SEO implementation, optimization and content creation. In January 2020, she launched her company, Hello SEO, through which she has provided data-driven strategies to small companies, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to improve their online presence across search engines. She has a proven track record of improving her clients’ bottom line by driving organic traffic, boosting keyword rankings, generating leads and increasing their ROI.

Laura is proficient with several website backends, including WordPress, Squarespace, WIX, DealerOn, DealerInspire and Shopify. In addition to large e-commerce and automotive sites, Laura has provided SEO services for small to medium-sized websites across a vast array of fields and industries, including technology, health and wellness, education, fitness and travel.

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