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When it comes to our client’s media training needs, Pace Public Relations works solely with Sorrentino Media, a high-level, nationally-based media training and video production company headquartered in NYC. As a veteran broadcast producer, Mike Sorrentino works with Pace PR’s clients to get them camera-ready for their big TV debut. He offers invaluable advice and tips for TV interviews in order to ensure that your first time on the big screen is a great one.    

Mike has worked in national TV news for more than a decade, manning the front lines for major news stories that range from presidential elections to international humanitarian issues. As a result, he has worked alongside some of the most seasoned anchors and reporters in broadcast media. He has combined his knowledge and passion to become an expert media trainer and consultant, coaching others on how to put their best foot forward, evolving into confident on-air guests for every major TV network.      

What is Media Training? 

Media training teaches an individual how to anticipate the questions and behavior of their interviewer and how to deliver their message with clarity, confidence and poise. Media training offers insights and tips for TV interviews that can scarcely be found elsewhere, which is what makes this form of communications training so important and relevant in today’s media-driven world. Both new and experienced on-air guests will benefit from media training, as skills can always be fine-tuned and critiqued.  

Importance of Media Training 

Many have found themselves feeling overwhelmed and nervous just moments before going live on television or radio. This lack of confidence can ultimately be detrimental to how powerful your message will be conveyed to your audience. Media training can help you to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in front of a camera or microphone. Moreover, it can teach you to adjust your tone and body language in a way that will portray yourself and your message at the highest level. You can receive advice and help on how to minimize filler words, such as “like” and “um.” Practicing the tone and pitch of your voice, your personal mannerisms and even your choice of words will have a tremendous and long-lasting effect on how you present yourself in the media and to your interviewer, whether that be a show host, news anchor, reporter or journalist. 

While it is not required prior to doing on a live TV interview, we strongly recommend that our clients get media training beforehand. The primary reason being that if your first TV interview does not go well, there is very little chance that you will be asked on that show or network again, and it would be difficult to get another TV interview with any other competing network. We really emphasize to our client’s that it is imperative they nail that first interview. Additionally, there is a fine balance between answering the reporter’s question in a way that can still get your overall message across as opposed to just pivoting the conversation back to your company after each question. A media trainer will work with you on how to weave in your company’s message in an organic way during an interview, so that you’re not coming off salesy but are answering the reporter’s questions appropriately.      

Get Expert Media Training in NYC Today! 

If you’re looking to attain media exposure and you feel you may need broadcast media training prior to going on television, reach out to Pace PR online or by phone at 212-254-4730 today. With the PR strategy and guidance of Annie Scranton, and the expert media consultation from Sorrentino Media, your on-air delivery will be flawless every time.  

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