End-to-End Affiliate PR Services

The right affiliate program with a customized strategy and
experienced collaborative team can make all the difference
in your brand’s digital growth strategy.


With a changing media landscape and the e-commerce explosion in recent years, affiliate PR has become a strong revenue stream that can turn your media placement click throughs into customers.

Working with a media relations agency that offers end-to-end services allows for seamless communication with the publisher’s editorial and marketing teams, both critical participants in affiliate decision-making. 


We Offer a Collaborative Approach


At Pace PR, we specialize in providing a full suite of affiliate services to our consumer products clients. Our lifestyle team of publicists is well-versed in affiliate PR, pitching strategies, and publisher partnering. Each member has been trained in every step needed for a successful PR product campaign. Our all-star media relations team then works closely with our in-house affiliate specialists – who have years of experience in onboarding, managing, and growing affiliate programs – to create a successful affiliate strategy that delivers results – and revenue.


Our suite of affiliate services includes everything needed in a successful media relations campaign today – from start to finish. Not yet onboarded onto Share-a-Sale or Impact? Not sure which program to choose? We’ll get you set up on a program quickly and expertly, connect with Skimlinks and other important partners, and establish a tiered commission system to start.  


Our affiliate specialists will then help to identify and connect with the right publishers, work with partners to negotiate fair pricing, track and analyze activity, and optimize your affiliate program for maximum results. We understand that every brand is unique which is why strategy matters and our combined experience equates to an effective program.  


Get In Touch With Us Today


If you’re looking to maximize the value of your media placements, we can help. Contact Pace PR today to learn more, get answers to your questions and find out how we can help support your business goals with a combined affiliate and earned media strategy.


Our Senior Vice President, Lindsay Ferraro, is available to walk you through what a campaign with Pace Public Relations would look like: Email her at Lindsay@pacepublicrelations.com.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Affiliate PR? 

Affiliate PR is a performance-based strategy that digital publishers (including digital magazines, bloggers, influencers, review sites and more) use today to receive a commission off of recommendations made to readers. When a reader clicks through and makes a purchase directly from their content, the brand makes a sale and the publisher gets a predetermined percentage. 


The right firm can get your product in front of the right editors to tell your brand’s story while also connecting with their marketing teams to help you negotiate a personalized commission rate, track successes and maintain long-term relationships that equate to credibility, visibility – and sales. 


Is there a difference between affiliate marketing and affiliate PR?

These two services are very similar with one distinction. Affiliate PR provides both expertise in affiliate marketing as well as traditional media relations experience and relationships. With Affiliate PR, the strategy largely emphasizes partnering with major publishers -also known as traditional media outlets – that are trusted brands with established audiences and typically, deliver a desirable ROI.  While very similar to n Affiliate Marketing program, Affiliate PR strategies can target review sites, bloggers and influencers, though concentrate predominantly on building strategic and successful media partnerships.