Assistant Account Executive

Emma Kemp is an Assistant Account Executive at PPR, assisting on accounts in the lifestyle, creative, business, political and tech spaces. She’s happiest when formulating new ideas – discussing, challenging, understanding, re-assessing – and is thrilled to be a part of the dynamic, savvy, talented team at PPR, where she joined in October 2021.

Prior to PPR, Emma graduated from Smith College with a degree in English literature, Spanish language, and journalism. She has a strong journalism background with bylines in national magazines, daily newspapers, and online news sites. Emma edited the national literary journal The Massachusetts Review, several academic anthologies, and started and headed the arts and culture magazine Emulate at Smith College (which has carried on since she graduated in 2020). She’s a strong communicator in two languages: English and Spanish. Like President Annie Scranton, Emma worked at the Smith College newspaper The Sophian: She headed the arts and news sections.  

Originally from Maine, Emma lives in Manhattan where she enjoys runs in Central Park, Sunday farmer’s market hauls, and long backpacking trips (the Argentine Andes are the next place on her travel list!).