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What is “traditional media?” The term traditional media refers to TV, print and radio. While web placements, such as online news articles or blog features, are becoming increasingly valuable considering how drastically technology has evolved, traditional media still holds first place as being the most effective way to portray your message and brand to the general public. Before diving into how placements in traditional media can benefit any company, individual or brand, it’s important to understand how each aspect of traditional media serves a specific purpose and can be utilized and targeted when crafting a unique, individualized PR campaign.    

Broadcast Media & TV Bookings 

Broadcast media includes the traditional forms of mass media, primarily made up of television and radio. Despite the flourishing digital world, this form of media remains incredibly important and relevant in today’s world, Radio Media NYCand can immediately raise your brand or company’s awareness, visibility and credibility. 

When it comes to television, nothing beats seeing yourself or your company on TV. Whether it be a live interview on national cable news or a brief segment on your local network, broadcast media remains a leading avenue of mass communication simply due to the wide national audience and sheer number of viewers that are tuning in to their local news channels each day. The team at Pace PR carries a wealth of knowledge and experience in the TV news world, and as a result, every PPR client can proudly say that they have appeared on television. If you’re interested in receiving TV bookings for yourself or company, reach out to our team to learn more.  Broadcast Media in NYC

As for radio media, Pace PR’s Founder and President, Annie Scranton, is always telling her clients to never underestimate the power of radio. Despite the world becoming increasingly more digital, there is still something to be said for radio interviews and segments. The greater portion of the entire nation tune into radio stations every single week, and radio remains an excellent mass media platform where you can reach a wide demographic consisting of potential clients. Additionally, radio segments generally allow for a lengthier interview, providing great opportunities to really hone the message you want to convey about yourself, your company or your brand. 

Print Media

Print Media NYCNewspapers and magazines are still a leading form of mass media through which people stay connected and main up to date with the latest news and happenings across the globe. Whether it’s a glossy spread in a magazine about your business or an interview in a national newspaper that discusses your company, it’s tough to beat the media exposure, brand awareness and boost in reputation that ensues from these placements. 

How Can Placements in Traditional Media Help You? 

Before hiring a PR firm and getting media placements, it’s important to know what your goals are – both long term and short term – and what you want to achieve this month, this year, or even five years from now. Pace PR has a vast array of clients from different fields and backgrounds and each one of them may have different goals, which is why we customize and tailor each PR strategy for every client. 

what is traditional media?Are you primarily interested in getting quoted in various online articles and blogs in order to receive backlinks for SEO purposes? Are you looking to use PR in order to leverage new clients? Do you mainly want to have the overall brand awareness, legitimacy and credibility that comes with TV placements? Knowing your goals and having an idea of what you hope to achieve through media placements will greatly impact what your PR strategy will look like, and the angles that your publicist will take in order to generate those desired outcomes.

Whether it’s a large company, a start-up, an individual person or a product brand, absolutely everyone can benefit from traditional media placements. Understanding your goals and what drives you will help your publicist to craft a pitch that tells your story and ensure that you’re placed in an avenue of traditional media that is best for you, whether that be print, radio, TV or all of the above.   

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When you partner with a PR firm, you receive their expertise and knowledge of the inner workings of a newsroom or TV station, as well as their close personal and professional ties with journalists, reporters and producers. Your publicist will help you craft your message in a compelling and interesting way that tells a good story for every mass media outlet. If you’re ready to start reaching your PR and marketing goals through traditional media placements, reach out to Pace Public Relations online or by phone at 212-254-4730 today!   

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