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The U.S. capital has no shortage of businessmen and women that are seeking a top DC PR firm to help grow their brand and reach their goals. With a city chock full of influencers and leaders, it can be difficult to know where to begin receiving brand recognition, media exposure and positive publicity. That’s where Pace Public Relations comes in!

Pace PR opened our Washington D.C. branch in 2017, led by Senior Account Executive and PR guru, Meghan Powers. Our DC public relations firm consistently books clients on both local and national TV stations for various segments and interviews. Meghan currently resides in Washington D.C. and as a former guest booker and segment producer at CNBC Business News, FOX News, and Al Jazeera America, she understands how to effectively pitch PPR clients to various TV stations in order to secure top media placements. By means of this excellent media exposure, our clients are able to reach large audiences, showcase their prevalent knowledge and expertise in their field, and grow their own personal brand.

Placements in Broadcast Media

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Who doesn’t love seeing themselves on TV? At Pace Public Relations, broadcast success is a guarantee for our clients. Our staff carries a wealth of knowledge in the media industry, with many touting previous experience as seasoned producers for various television networks. Our understanding of the inner workings of a newsroom combined with our close media connections is unparalleled to other PR firms in DC.

Brand Exposure

In order to grow your brand, you must increase your brand awareness. There are many ways that positive brand exposure can be achieved. Social media, for example, plays a huge role in brand promotion as you can attract a large following in a short period of time. However, one should never underestimate the value of traditional media. By being on national television, your local radio station, or by being featured in top magazines and newspapers, you will be reaching thousands of viewers and getting your brand noticed locally and nationally.

Book Publicity

Many of PPR’s clients are authors, and they understand that having the right publicity plan is critical to their book’s success. No one can read your novel if they don’t know it exists, which is why book promotion is so important. Whether you’re a seasoned author with published works or your book is still hot off the press, a six-week book campaign with Pace Public Relations can propel your book into the hands of top book reviewers in the country, as well as relevant reporters, producers and editors.

PR Strategy

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At Pace PR, we are aware that every client is different, and therefore requires their own unique plan of action to reach their ultimate goals. We have a vast array of clients from all fields and walks of life, and a strategy that may work for one is not always the best plan for another. This is why each PR strategy is customized and tailored for every single client. When you partner with our top PR firm in DC, you will receive consistent communication, personalized attention and continual opportunities for television placements, including fast-paced opportunities where we can plug you into breaking news stories related to your field.

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