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Being a fashion designer, I obviously love following the latest fashion trends from top designers all around the world. But fashion doesn’t end with the garment, the whole look is what makes the design stand out. That’s why I am always just as interested to see the makeup trends designers choose as well as the clothing when I watch shows. That being said, designers are many times making a statement with the make up, accessories, and even hair styling they choose (sometimes a rather scary statement!) which doesn’t translate directly to every day style. That’s why I decided to choose four of my favorite makeup trends from this years SS14 Runway Shows and then show how these trends can really be utilized for your day-to-day life!

1. Color Eyes

The first trend comes to us from one of the most recognized fashion names in the world- Chanel. For their SS14 show the designer played up the model’s eyes with an elaborate collage of colors and liner, while leaving the rest of face and lips bare. The result is extremely artistic, but if you wore this out of your house, you would probably leave the neighborhood children terrified! So, the always-gorgeous Eva Mendes shows us how to wear this trend on a day to day basis by choosing a single color and focusing a thin line above and below the eye. She kept light, natural makeup to ensure that her colorful eye really pops. This trend is the perfect way to really get in the mood for warmer weather and brighter colors, and so easy to do! I suggest using your daily make-up routine and adding Mac Cosmetics Eye Kohl Pencil Liner.



2. Coral/Peach Lips

Peach lips were another trend that lit up the runway this year, especially during the Rag and Bone SS14 show. The key to this trend is keeping the rest of the face simple and the eye make-up very light. While the model looks stunning, the slicked back hair and contoured skin is giving off a Star Wars-esqe look (hey, some people are into that!), so I suggest taking notes from Scarlett Johansens version of this trend. She chose a slightly lighter shade of peach and kept her hair wavy and fun. Scarlett kept the rest of her makeup to a minimum, but still slightly highlighted her cheeks and eyes with neutral colors to make the lip color seem less harsh. Different skin tones will take the peach color differently, but I NARS which carries 36 different shades of their lipstick and offer both matte and shine finish.



3. Cat Eyes

Ahh, the classic cat eyes. This trend has been creeping up on us for years now as I have seen variations at many different shows. But, it is such a classic style that I just couldn’t leave it out! The best thing about this cat eye look is that it can really be transformed for any face and for any style. The runway look was sported during House of Holland’s SS14 show and looks gorgeous with the model’s slicked back hair and bright lip color. The model has used contouring on her face and a wide wing on her upper eyelid to create the effect of a longer eye. This look is stunning, but a little intense for everyday wear. Taylor Swift plays up her cat eyes by playing down the rest of her face. Her look is so simple, but still flattering enough to catch the eye of your office crush. I love the STILA Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner to create this trend- plus, its available in fifteen different colors if you want to mix this with the color eyes trend!runwayvsyourwaycat eye cara


4. Nude Lips

Finally, my absolute favorite trend this year, is the natural look. On and off the runway, everyone is embracing the nude lip trend. Rodarte left all their model’s lips feeling bare and really focused on subtle, but gorgeous eyes and contouring. Camilla Belle shows us how to rock the trend even with a lighter complexion. She keeps the look soft by adding a light pink color under her eyebrow and on her cheeks. The best part about this trend is that it really intensifies the most stunning part of your face. The model has gorgeous large brown eyes, while Camilla has a great cheek bones and skin! Chanel Rouge Coco Shine has a little sparkle to brighten the lips and has over eight different shades of nudes to choose from for each different skin tone.


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Written by: Zankhna Parekh

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