Scott Omelianuk


Scott Omelianuk is Editor in Chief of Inc., where his responsibilities include developing new lines of business to serve the entrepreneurial community and overseeing the events and content that make up the Inc. ecosystem. Trained as a journalist, motivated by business and excited by technology, his passion is a disruptive, do-it-first approach that generates revenue by connecting consumers with content and services. Mr. Omelianuk is widely known for his 12-year tenure at This Old House, where he built a reputation as an inspiring editor and creative strategist who took a beloved brand, polished its image, and built around it a tapestry of related businesses, including digital offshoots, Spanish-language TV, lead generation, affiliate revenue, licensed products, and even a mobile game. Prior to This Old House, Mr. Omelianuk was an architect of Esquire’s renaissance, increasing revenue 75 percent, overseeing brand licensing, and while there, authored four books in the Things a Man Should Know franchise. He founded Esquire’s original web presence and pioneered the commerce-content connection at

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June 29, 2022