Roderick Jones

Security; Cyber Security

Roderick Jones is the CEO of Concentric Advisors,the largest and most influential privately held security firm on the west coast of the United States.He began his career with Scotland Yard’s Special Branch focused on international terrorism and the close protection of a prominent British cabinet member. Following his move to San Francisco, Roderick founded the private security company Concentric Advisors, and served as CEO for seven years growing it to become His work during this period included the design and delivery of security for a number of high-growth Silicon Valley companies. In 2016, Roderick also co-founded and became the initial CEO of Rubica, Inc., a cybersecurity company providing advanced protection to individuals through the provision of localized network security. Roderick has consulted widely on next-generation security projects with the United States military and intelligence community, notably the impact of online gaming and virtual worlds as well as the threat of computer hacking to financial markets. He has been asked to brief at the White House, Downing Street and the Pentagon on a variety of national security topics during his career, and is a frequent guest speaker at national and international conferences. Roderick has a Masters degree in History from the University of Cambridge, and spends his spare time helping to run a community soccer team in San Francisco.

Location: San Francisco, CA

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June 30, 2022