Medical; Healthcare; COVID-19 Response

Floss Bar Group is a tech-enabled healthcare logistics company dedicated to changing where and how dental and medical care is delivered. Through its two sister brands, Floss Bar and Med Bar, the company delivers mobile and on-site preventative care to patients, whether they are in the workplace or visiting their local pharmacy. By implementing these innovative delivery models, which leverage health tech and getting the local clinicians out of their four-wall offices, Floss Bar and Med Bar strive to expand healthcare access to Americans.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Floss Bar expanded its service set by launching Med Bar and has served over 30,000 patients across 150 new clients this year. It continues to grow by bundling medical and dental services, which cross-utilizes its ‘technician’ teams and drives margin growth. The platform delivers the clients, logistics, marketing, customer journey, technology, compliance, and turn-key methodology – and the local workforce delivers the care. Current services include basic and restorative dental care, Covid-19 testing and temperature check stations, vaccinations, hearing, vision, and biometrics.

Location: San Francisco, CA


Posted on

June 29, 2022