Jay Young

Oil; Gas; Investing

Jay Young is President and CEO, King Operating Corporation, a privately owned Texas oil and gas company. He is an Oil and Gas Business Authority, Keynote Speaker, and Forbes Books Author. A fourth-generation oilman, Jay was born into an oil and gas family and has spent his whole life in the industry. He understands the good and the bad; the difference between a “sure thing” and “risky business.” Mr. Young and colleagues created a new model unique for investors to participate in oil and gas exploration. King’s business model is designed to minimize risk by acquiring and developing in areas that have a long history of producing oil and gas. They acquire scalable assets in a proven field, utilize equity to start, and debt to prove up the field and divest to a larger company. Through it all, he’s come to see very clearly that there’s a right way to invest in oil and gas and a wrong way.

Location: Dallas, TX

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June 29, 2022