Dr. Susannah Hills

Medical; Health; ENT; COVID-19

A Harvard graduate and board-certified pediatric ENT/airway surgeon, Dr. Hills has built her career on providing specialized care of the airway, ears, and throat. Dr. Hills is an Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Columbia University. She is also Director of the multidisciplinary Tracheostomy Care Program at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and serves as the airway surgeon for the Aerodigestive Program which treats children with disorders of the airway and digestive tract. Dr. Hills developed a tracheostomy care program, both for pediatric patients and for our COVID patients, that is not being done anywhere else. She has been on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic in New York City and led a team of military medics, physicians, and physician assistants in a specialized program to care for over 170 COVID patients at New York-Presbyterian who needed airway surgery (tracheostomy) to survive.

Location: New York, NY

Dr. Susannah Hills on Highlight Reel

Dr. Susannah Hills on Highlight Reel


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June 29, 2022