A Day in the Life…Week 2


Image Courtesy of College Fashion

I am finally settling into my internship at Pace PR, but certainly not settling down. While I may finally be able to navigate the subway with a little more grace this week, this position is hardly routine.

This week, I got the opportunity to visit my very first TV set! PPR client Julie Wilcox was being featured on Arise Entertainment 360, and I had the amazing opportunity to accompany Andrew to the segment!
JW yoga

Image Courtesy of Julie Wilcox Method

After walking to the studio and mistakenly ending up in the American Eagle corporate headquarters in the same building (so, it wasn’t exactly a mistake… We stopped at every floor trying to find it), we arrived at the Arise studio. Andrew and I were led into a green room with the other TV guests.

The green room was one of the most eclectic mixes of people I’ve ever seen. In our corner, Julie was stretching and practicing her yoga poses for her segment. In the chair next to me sat a man who stars on a television show about pawn stars. And in the kitchen, a celebrity chef was busy making fat-free ice cream. Meanwhile, the hosts ran in and out during commercial breaks to grab pastries or drinks, while people ran around affixing microphones to everyone’s outfits.

ARISE TV Summer Yoga

After a short time, it was Julie’s turn to film. I had never seen a television set in person, so I was slightly starstruck. Everything looks so much smaller in person, although the cameras are massive. Julie taught the hosts strengthening yoga moves to help them get beach ready bodies. She did great!

That’s the funny thing about public relations; one day you could be pitching financial stories, and the next you could be on a TV set assisting a prestigious yoga and fitness instructor. PR may be unpredictable, but it is certainly never boring!

Check out Julie Wilcox on Arise TV for some core tightening and lengthening beach body moves.

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