PR Firm Washington, DC

PR Firm Washington DC

Pace PR is a leading public relations firm with offices in D.C., NYC and London. We have clients across the United States and overseas, and several are right here in our nation’s capital. If you’re in the DC area and are looking to increase your overall brand awareness and credibility through media placements and TV bookings, learn more about our PR firm in DC and find out if Pace Public Relations is the right team for you.     

Our Washington D.C. Public Relations Firm 

Pace Public Relations first opened the doors to our Washington D.C. branch in 2017, and it has only grown since then. While we offer many PR services, including book campaigns and PR for authors, what we’re widely known for is broadcast media placements, namely radio and TV bookings. In 2019 alone, the Pace PR team secured over 1,200 TV and radio bookings for our clients. Broadcast media continues to command the largest share of advertising in the United States, and it’s still the main way that people get their news everyday. Countless doors are opened when you present yourself, your company and your brand through television placements and interviews. Our DC PR firm can get you placed on top network stations, including MSNBC, FOX News, Good Morning America and CBS. Take a look at the services we offer and some of the outlets that Pace Public Relations’ clients have been featured on!  

Why Hire a DC PR Firm? 

Top PR Firm in DCThere are several reasons to hire a PR firm from a business standpoint, but one of the main reasons is brand recognition, reliability & trust. When a person or company is featured on television, on the radio, in magazines or any other form of mass media, this has a huge effect on how the brand is perceived by the public, and it also contributes greatly to the overall success of the business. 

Further, when you partner with our DC PR firm, you are investing in all the things that come along with having a top DC PR agency at your side. For example, most people don’t have the time to remain up to date with all the latest happenings and trends in the news. But as a PR firm in Washington, DC, that’s our job and it’s what we love to do. We will analyze the most recent news stories as they happen and determine if it’s a right fit for our client, taking into consideration the location, magnitude and human interest of the news stories. We will then craft our client’s pitch into a great story, and plug them into the media as breaking news occurs. 

What Are Your PR Goals? 

Knowing your goals is critical to both short and long-term success. We encourage all of our clients to know what their goals are and what they hope to receive from PR services, not just in the near future, but in the long run, too. Knowing what you want to achieve this month, this year and even this decade will greatly impact the personalized PR campaign that our team creates, and the media outlets that Pace PR will target in order to promote the greatest impact and success for our clients. While many clients seek to increase their overall brand awareness and credibility through TV placements, others are more interested in receiving web placements with linkbacks for SEO purposes. Anything is possible with Pace Public Relations at your side, and knowing your PR goals will help us turn them into a reality.   

Reach Out to Our PR Firm in DC! 

Learn more about our diverse client list and the wide range of industries that we work with. We receive media placements and TV bookings for our client’s every day, getting their brands noticed by consumers across the nation. When you’re ready to take the next step to grow your business or personal brand, reach out to the Pace PR team online or give us a call at 212-254-4730. Our team of PR professionals are ready to help you advance in your career and make your goals a reality with a top-notch PR strategy.    

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