What is Publicity?

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Publicity is defined as attention received by the media. This attention can be aimed at an individual person, product, service or company. But how can it benefit a person? What role does publicity play in growing a business or a brand? Read on to learn more about the advantages of publicity and find out ways you can receive publicity for yourself.  

The Advantage of Publicity

One of the biggest advantages of publicity is that it can massively improve your brand awareness. Branding your business takes time, but through consistent publicity where you’re getting your name into the media, there’s more of a chance for viewers, readers and consumers to recognize your brand, and then choose you over your competitors.   

In addition to raising brand awareness, publicity will also help you to increase your visibility and credibility as it allows you to spread your message to a large audience. When an individual receives publicity – whether through TV, radio, print or web – they are given an opportunity to connect with hundreds of viewers, readers and listeners, as well as potential customers. 

What is PublicityHow to Get Publicity 

While it’s certainly possible to achieve publicity for yourself, the outcomes are usually sporadic and spontaneous. A primary way to achieve positive publicity is through the help of a publicist. A top-notch PR firm can pitch your company and message to media outlets directly. They can also ensure that you’re reaching the right audiences, and that your story is being told in an alluring manner that will capture the attention of both the reporter and the viewer. 

Since producers, editors and reporters receive hundreds of pitches daily, it’s incredibly competitive and can be difficult to set yourself apart from the crowd. Pace PR’s Founder & President, Annie Scranton, was a producer prior to becoming a publicist and she recalls that she would not even open emails from someone she didn’t know because of the sheer volume of inquiries she would receive daily. In order to receive publicity through media placements, it’s important to have a strong publicity team behind you with personal and professional ties to producers, reporters and other media moguls. Before hiring any public relations firm, ask them for several client testimonials, as well as examples of the top media placements they’ve provided for others and the publicity they’ve generated for their clients. This will increase your trust in their ability to help you achieve the publicity you want and will ensure that their team is the right fit for you.   

 Publicity and PR

As a leading PR firm, publicity is what we do. Depending on our client’s goals and needs, we will formulate a publicity plan that is personalized to each of them. Some clients want more TV and broadcast media attention, while others may prefer features in articles, magazines and on the web. Whatever the case or what your goals may be, Pace PR can help you achieve them. Reach out online to our top publicity firm to learn more about our PR strategies and campaigns, or call us at 212-254-4730 and speak with someone on our team who can answer your questions about publicity and PR! 

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