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The Changing Media Landscape

In a meeting this week, my colleagues and I had a conversation with our client about the changing media landscape. The discussion arose as we spoke with one of their team members in London about the Brexit media saturation the UK is undergoing and how it’s quite similar to the way news has been covering President Trump since the 2016 election.

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What PR Agencies are Looking for in an Intern

I recently had the opportunity to interview potential summer interns and it wasn’t long ago that I was an intern. I read through intern applicants’ writing samples, looked over their resumes and spoke with them about their experience as well as their aspirations.

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Why Finding a Mentor is Part of Building a Career

You always hear professionals that have been in their industry for 20+ years, reflect on their early stage mentors. Whether it be someone in your company, an advisor at your college or an inspirational figure in your life, mentors teach you a lot about navigating what can feel like treacherous waters.

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Why You Should Be Obsessed With What You Do

An article appeared in the New York Times in mid-January called “Goodbye New York. Andrew Moss is Leaving the Magazine He Has Edited for 15 Years.” In the exclusive interview, Andrew Moss reflects on why he decided to leave New York Magazine after working there for over a decade.

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Three Things I Learned From a Day with PR News

Last Friday, three members of our PPR team were given the opportunity to attend a writing conference sponsored by PR News in Washington, D.C.. The conference was at the National Press Room, and it lasted all morning. As a public relations professional, writing is a critical skill that ultimately needs to be perfect if you want to progress in the field.

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Why Education and “Learning on the Job” Meet in the Middle

I was recently asked to speak at my alma mater and talk about my experiences as both a student and a PR professional. I immediately felt nervous and began to scramble for memories I could reflect on; memories of substance that could, in fact, be a teachable moment. As a college student, you feel every ounce of anxiety as the impending graduation date sneaks up on you and you question whether the knowledge you’ve gained has effectively prepared you for what’s to come.

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How to Be a PR Pro Without the Years of Experience

Starting your career is one part excitement and one part nerve-wracking. When combined, you go through your day like a stress-filled firecracker who’s ready to take on the world although you have no idea how! To be a Pro in PR, or in any industry, you don’t necessarily need ten-plus years of experience. Here are some tips to owning your career from your first day to your last.

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Why We Network

Why Networking Matters

Networking can be an intimidating word for industry professionals. There is usually a mix of emotion that surrounds the idea because although networking events are fun and exciting, they’re also crowded and overwhelming. Once you get past the idea that small talk isn’t valuable, you realize it’s not difficult to make meaningful and substantial relationships with other professionals. There are many reasons your boss tells you to network–here are 5 of them.

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Influencer Marketing in an Evolving Digital World

In our previous article, we talked about the importance of public relations and what publicists actually do on a day-to-day basis. We compared industries like advertising to PR and hopefully shed a little light on why both are necessary in creating/maintaining a profitable business. With that said, it’s time we talk about an ever-evolving part of the marketing world: influencer marketing.

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What is PR and Why is Public Relations Important?

Samantha from Sex in the City is still one of the most iconic public relations professionals on network television; an iconic character that is also fictional. Her profession seemed to exude glamour and excitement. Samantha never failed to mention the lavish parties she attended on Tuesday nights and certainty didn’t miss an opportunity to network with the most attractive men at the bar.

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