Final Words from Pace PR’s Summer Intern

Well, the day has finally come – my last day at Pace Public Relations! While many summer interns dream of this day, I can honestly say that I am sad to leave. My experience at PPR has been beyond beneficial. Annie and Andrew generously took me under their wing, and allowed me to fully experience the world of PR.  This summer has been a wonderful learning experience and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to intern with Pace Public Relations.


5 biggest lessons I learned from my summer internship at PPR!

1)   Don’t be afraid of failure.

On my very first day, Andrew asked me to write a short pitch. I had never written one before, and was terrified of being wrong. I took over an hour to write a short email! Looking back on it now, it seems crazy. This internship has taught me to squash my fear of being wrong, and to dive into tasks, headfirst. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? No one ever improved without a little constructive criticism.

2)   The day doesn’t end at 5.

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I may have only interned at PPR on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-5, but the world of PR didn’t know that I quickly found that to really excel at my internship, I had to constantly be connected. I often found myself answering e-mails or forwarding press hits to Annie and Andrew when I was working my other job, at practice, or sometimes, regarding a European client, when I was asleep. The world of PR is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No wonder this industry consumes a higher amount of coffee than most…

 3)   Stay organized.

I had the opportunity to work with multiple clients at once while at PPR. However, this opportunity also led to a level of multi-tasking that I had never experienced. I quickly found that the best way to stay on top of the work was to stay organized. I made separate folders on my computer for each client’s pitches, proposals, and media lists, made to-do lists every day in order of importance, and kept each client’s bio bookmarked on my computer. If I got a press e-mail, I made a point to answer it as quickly as possible. I learned that organization is the key to success in this business!

 4)   Never say no.

My funniest story from PPR to date was when Annie asked me to make baskets for our client, The Aloe Source. The baskets were to be sent to beauty, however, they were to include a live aloe plant. My day was spent running around Manhattan, transporting aloe plants on the subway, tracking down beauty editors, and making sure the messengers got the baskets to the correct magazines. I could have easily passed the task onto Andrew, but I found that the overwhelming feeling I first had quickly changed into determination and perfectionism. Besides, how else would I now know that there’s a plant district in New York City?

5)   Be gracious.

After sending out a particularly controversial pitch regarding religion and the current middle eastern conflict, I got a confrontational response from a religious reporter. At first I was alarmed, but Andrew taught me that kindness is key. Why be rude when being polite is an option? I found that it is much more beneficial to build bridges instead of burning them, no matter how frustrated or offended you may be.

I am beyond sad for my internship at PPR to be ending. I will miss spending the day with Annie and Andrew, being completely immersed in the news all day long, even my morning commute. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity, and hope that the rest of my fellow summer interns in NYC had as great of an experience as I did!

Goodbye summer, NYC, and PPR. Hello Fall, Long Island, and senior year of college!



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