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American’s are now, more than ever, aware that lifestyle choices affect the quality and longevity of ones life.  Not smoking, avoiding excess sun exposure, 7 to 8 hours of sleep, proper exercise and a nutritious diet are vital to health.  I consider these the power players, that one can control, when it comes to lowering the risk of heart disease, types of cancer, diabetes, and obesity. These key factors don’t just aid in keeping blood pressure, weight and hormone levels in a healthy range; but even help one maintain a youthful appearance by warding off age revealing wrinkles.

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It’s safe to say we have gone from a nation obsessed with the golden arches of McDonalds, to a society enthralled with wellness.  I can’t turn a corner without seeing a Soul Cycle, yoga studio, the newest juicery, or a Whole Foods selling organic fruit and veggies, whole grains and antibiotic free range meat.

Disclaimer: Just because health is currently at its most prevalent, doesn’t mean everyone opts to lead such a lifestyle.  Myself included. I rarely get the required 8 hours of sleep necessary for maximum cognitive function.  I occasionally eat chips for breakfast and I love fried food.  It may be the Southerner in me, but I truly believe, frying any food is a guarantee that it will taste great!

However, I love to partake in the latest workout trend and cold pressed green juice. In fact, I like to fool myself into believing doing so makes up for the health components that are maybe lacking, fine, completely absent from my life.

Healthy eating day or not, there is one food I do consume daily- Greek yogurt. Protein and probiotic packed, it’s the perfect and necessary addition to everyone’s diet. In fact, I have come to be a bit of a Greek yogurt connoisseur.

Photo of Maia Yogurt

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My favorite being Maia. It’s made from local grass-fed cow milk and contains 25 billion probiotic strands.  My favorite flavor is Vanilla Bean.  At a mere 110 calories it’s composed of 11 grams of protein (other flavors have up to 13 grams) and 3 grams of prebiotic fiber. Whereas most Greek yogurts don’t even have fiber.

I always substitute the original flavor for sour cream, it’s a mainstay ingredient in my smoothies, on the rare occasion I bake, I opt to use Maia instead of butter or oil. After introducing Maia to my friends, they are fully aboard the Maia Yogurt nutrient packed train. Favoring the taste of Maia over other Greek yogurt brands.

Upon looking at Maia Yogurt’s website, one of the company’s tag lines is “Because we love mom’s, just like you!”  I hope Maia also loves deprived sleep, occasionally nutrient deficient always on the go young adults, because we love you!

Written By: Director of Social Media for PPR

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