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Upon first look, the iPatch Case appears to be the typical generic protective harness needed to avoid an iPhone’s imminent screen death upon its fatal meeting at the end of its free fall trajectory from one’s hand to a concrete sidewalk.  However, upon further scrutiny there’s more to this case than meets the eye.

iPatch Case Headfunder Photo

The iPatch has a special switch, that when slid across the top of the phone, blocks both the front and back-facing cameras on the iPhone, allowing for iPhone lenses to be protected and covered just like a standard lens cap would be on a high-end camera.  Not only does this case keep the lenses pristine, the iPatch case also protects you from hackers who want to spy on you using your iPhone’s camera.

Scarily enough, yes, an iPhone camera lens can be hacked!

For about $50, anyone can buy software that can access the camera in your smartphone or tablet.  And that is precisely what happened to a Miss Teen USA 2013 contestant.

What could be better when it comes to protecting one’s best friend (let’s face it the only activity we do that keeps us separated from our cell phones longer than 3 hours is sleep) from fingerprints, cracks, dust and scratches than the added bonus of protecting yourself from hackers newest way to of breaking and entering?


iPatch Case Headfunder CampaignThis morning, the case’s creator, Michael Sorrentino, launched a Headfunder campaign for the iPatch case.

Assuming iPatch reaches its $19,000 fundraising goal, it will be compatible with the iPhone 5 or 5S, and will hit shelves this fall retailing for $35.00. Eventually, iPatch hopes to make the case for different smartphones and tablets, too.

Pledging $20 to the campaign will award you an iPatch case in your choice of white, black, or purple.  For a mere $30.00 contribution you can snag a pink iPatch case.

eeb2be0b607fc1a15dcb4ec9b3b859f9So what are you waiting for?

Head over to Headfunder now and donate to the campaign.  After which we advise you to promptly kick your feet up and enjoy the rest of the summer, as you can jump in the ocean during your weekend get away without worry of your iPhone’s lens being dulled by sand grains…and you can cross one less method off your list as to how you can be tracked through your phone.

Headfunder Campaign – iPatch Case

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