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Dr Campbell: Health effects of Daylight Saving Time

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Katy Perry sics lawyers on ‘Left Shark’ vendor

Attorney Wendy Patrick and Mark Konkel, Kelley Drye Partner in NY, debate the legal battle over the ‘Left Shark’ in Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show.

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Pace PR’s First Year at the Consumer Electronic Show

If you’ve been following me on social media, you know that I was recently out in Las Vegas for the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. It was my first time at the conference  and it did NOT disappoint.

A week in Vegas is a very long time for anyone, but for me – someone who loves to gamble – it was an especially long trip! The good news is that CES kept me busy from morning to night and there were even a few nights where we had an early dinner and went to sleep. Keeping New York hours will do that to you when you’re on the West Coast.

My first priority was to help my client, Trident Case, secure some press coverage. I was successful as Fox 5 Las Vegas stopped by their booth and taped a really great interview with the COO, Wendell Daniel. This was Trident’s fourth year at CES and the piece focused on the return on investment in attending year after year. For Trident Case, CES pays off in dividends. You can watch the piece here: http://www.fox5vegas.com/story/27787252/companies-see-unmatchable-return-on-investment

The next priority on my list was to meet with the spokesperson of PPR’s newest client, Lassy Project. John Guydon is the spokesperson and he is a super cool, funny and charismatic guy. Most importantly, he’s doing very important work. Lassy Project is an app that sends out alerts to users every time a child goes missing in your community. Lassy has helped to find missing kids and is something so simple that every single person should have on their phone. We were able to talk about strategy at CES and also the importance tech plays in the role of recovering missing children.

Third, my next priority was to schmooze, schmooze, schmooze. I met with so many great journalists including the lovely Liz Claman from Fox Business, and Jim Thomas from the Weather Channel. Face to face meetings are so important in my line of business and I’m sure these meetings will lead to some great bookings for my clients.

Lastly, I was able to meet some potential great new clients for PPR. CES is all about talking to as many people as possible – and you all know what a yapper I can be … my voice is a little hoarse now from all the chatting (and screaming on the Blackjack table!).

Now it’s back to the office, back to work and back to my wonderful clients!

Written By: Annie Scranton

Pace Public Relations

Apple hit with class action lawsuit over iPhone storage

Jan. 02, 2015 – 4:36 – Legal Analyst Wendy Patrick and Charles Griffin Intelligence Founder Philip Segal discuss a class action lawsuit filed against Apple, alleging the company misrepresented the storage capacity of some iPhones.

Watch here: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/3969393405001/

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Oct. 31, 2014 – 4:42 – Attorneys Bill Frumkin and Wendy Patrick on the plagiarism case against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams over the song ‘Blurred Lines.’


#LatteGate 2014 – Tracking a “PR” Scandal

President Obama recently came under fire for #LatteGate 2014. After deplaning from Air Force one, the President was greeted my members of the military, at attention, saluting him.

Perhaps President Obama was not anticipating this; perhaps it had been a long, weary flight; perhaps it was a long, weary flight followed by a long, weary evening. He is President, after all. Whatever the reason (or perhaps there was no real “reason”), he got off the plane with a Latte in hand. As the military saluted him, Obama offered a salute back – but with the Latte in hand. #CueConservativesBashingObama.

Fox News and right-wing media took this moment as an opportunity to call the President un-American, improper, callous – you name it.

Fox News Discussing Obama's Coffee Cup SaluteIf I was advising the President – and let me be the first to say, I am grossly under-qualified to advise him, now or probably ever – but lets just say I was advising him, I would tell him to send out a simple tweet, maybe something like “Long Night. Needed the Caffeine. My sincere apologies to any military I may have offended.”

In this day and age, there is not a single MOMENT that is isn’t captured on camera. And if you’re the President of the United States – those moments are magnified and scrutinized more than anyone else in the world.

The President is a man – he’s not perfect, and he makes mistakes. The worst you can call #LatteGate is a momentary lapse in judgment, a moment where his mind was obviously focused on something else (presumably, on something much more important).

BUT- with the 24/7 news cycle – one has to anticipate this is something the media would pick up. That’s why a) the President should address it, but b) he should address it in a way that reaches the masses, and c) keeps the gravity of the incident in check – this isn’t launching the Syrian airstrike. It’s saluting with a latte in hand. Mr. President, show the world that you’re human, infallible and then move on. You have much more important things to focus on.

Written By: Annie Scranton

Pace Public Relations

The NFL & Roger Goodell

The Biggest PR Crisis Right Now: The NFL & Roger Goodell

It’s no secret that the NFL and its commissioner, Roger Goodell, are undergoing the worst public relations crisis they’ve ever had to endure. While the NFL has had to deal with many criminal acts of its player, many of those arrests and/or crimes did not pull at America’s heartstrings the way domestic violence and child abuse do.


But with one, after the next, after the next incident being reported, it’s nearly impossible, in my opinion, for the N.F.L. to redeem itself unless drastic measures are taken.

First thing first: Goodell needs to step down.

In this day and age, whether right or wrong, public unrest generally does not dissipate unless heads roll from the top on down. And in the case of Ray & Janay Rice, I believe Goodell’s actions justify his termination.

Allegedly, Goodell had seen the second half of the video tape, in which Ray Rice drags his then-fiancee out of the elevator. In the video, as is widely reported, she looks like a dead body – limp, unmoving, completely knocked unconscious.

Since I represent a defense attorney, I know all about the players’ rights to a due justice process, innocent before proven guilty, yada yada. But – when there are allegations and the corresponding video tape that corroborates horrible, violent, life-threatening domestic violence – action needs to be taken, and not in the form of a paltry two game suspension.

Photo of Ray Rice for PPR BlogHad the N.F.L. taken a hard line with Ray Rice and terminated his contract, saying that they MEAN it when they have a “zero tolerance” policy on domestic violence, there would have been an initial blow-back from sports reporters and enthusiasts, no doubt. BUT- where there is smoke, there’s fire – and the media relations division of the N.F.L. absolutely should have had the foresight to think: “Hmm … well there’s TMZ. Video already exists. The Revel Hotel is shutting down in a few months and some elevator operator will be unemployed. I bet that unemployeed AC worker would probably jump at the chance to take a pay-out from TMZ in exchange for the video inside the elevator.”

Truly- they should have thought of this. It’s not that challenging when you do this for a living to connect those dots. And maybe they DID think of this- and maybe Goodell did not take their advice. Either way though, the wrong decision was made because had they originally terminated Ray Rice – right now – the N.F.L. would be vindicated (at least in this one particular case).

After Goodell steps down the NFL needs to lay out – in no uncertain terms – that there truly is a zero tolerance policy and what that means, exactly.

Then – they need to make good on their word.

So many kids and young men look up to N.F.L. players both on and off the field. The N.F.L. simply cannot continue to allow their employees to get away with this type of behavior.

Written By: Annie Pace Scranton

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