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Pace PR’s First Year at the Consumer Electronic Show

If you’ve been following me on social media, you know that I was recently out in Las Vegas for the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. It was my first time at the conference  and it did NOT disappoint.

A week in Vegas is a very long time for anyone, but for me – someone who loves to gamble – it was an especially long trip! The good news is that CES kept me busy from morning to night and there were even a few nights where we had an early dinner and went to sleep. Keeping New York hours will do that to you when you’re on the West Coast.

My first priority was to help my client, Trident Case, secure some press coverage. I was successful as Fox 5 Las Vegas stopped by their booth and taped a really great interview with the COO, Wendell Daniel. This was Trident’s fourth year at CES and the piece focused on the return on investment in attending year after year. For Trident Case, CES pays off in dividends. You can watch the piece here:

The next priority on my list was to meet with the spokesperson of PPR’s newest client, Lassy Project. John Guydon is the spokesperson and he is a super cool, funny and charismatic guy. Most importantly, he’s doing very important work. Lassy Project is an app that sends out alerts to users every time a child goes missing in your community. Lassy has helped to find missing kids and is something so simple that every single person should have on their phone. We were able to talk about strategy at CES and also the importance tech plays in the role of recovering missing children.

Third, my next priority was to schmooze, schmooze, schmooze. I met with so many great journalists including the lovely Liz Claman from Fox Business, and Jim Thomas from the Weather Channel. Face to face meetings are so important in my line of business and I’m sure these meetings will lead to some great bookings for my clients.

Lastly, I was able to meet some potential great new clients for PPR. CES is all about talking to as many people as possible – and you all know what a yapper I can be … my voice is a little hoarse now from all the chatting (and screaming on the Blackjack table!).

Now it’s back to the office, back to work and back to my wonderful clients!

Written By: Annie Scranton

Pace Public Relations

#LatteGate 2014 – Tracking a “PR” Scandal

President Obama recently came under fire for #LatteGate 2014. After deplaning from Air Force one, the President was greeted my members of the military, at attention, saluting him.

Perhaps President Obama was not anticipating this; perhaps it had been a long, weary flight; perhaps it was a long, weary flight followed by a long, weary evening. He is President, after all. Whatever the reason (or perhaps there was no real “reason”), he got off the plane with a Latte in hand. As the military saluted him, Obama offered a salute back – but with the Latte in hand. #CueConservativesBashingObama.

Fox News and right-wing media took this moment as an opportunity to call the President un-American, improper, callous – you name it.

Fox News Discussing Obama's Coffee Cup SaluteIf I was advising the President – and let me be the first to say, I am grossly under-qualified to advise him, now or probably ever – but lets just say I was advising him, I would tell him to send out a simple tweet, maybe something like “Long Night. Needed the Caffeine. My sincere apologies to any military I may have offended.”

In this day and age, there is not a single MOMENT that is isn’t captured on camera. And if you’re the President of the United States – those moments are magnified and scrutinized more than anyone else in the world.

The President is a man – he’s not perfect, and he makes mistakes. The worst you can call #LatteGate is a momentary lapse in judgment, a moment where his mind was obviously focused on something else (presumably, on something much more important).

BUT- with the 24/7 news cycle – one has to anticipate this is something the media would pick up. That’s why a) the President should address it, but b) he should address it in a way that reaches the masses, and c) keeps the gravity of the incident in check – this isn’t launching the Syrian airstrike. It’s saluting with a latte in hand. Mr. President, show the world that you’re human, infallible and then move on. You have much more important things to focus on.

Written By: Annie Scranton

Pace Public Relations

The NFL & Roger Goodell

The Biggest PR Crisis Right Now: The NFL & Roger Goodell

It’s no secret that the NFL and its commissioner, Roger Goodell, are undergoing the worst public relations crisis they’ve ever had to endure. While the NFL has had to deal with many criminal acts of its player, many of those arrests and/or crimes did not pull at America’s heartstrings the way domestic violence and child abuse do.


But with one, after the next, after the next incident being reported, it’s nearly impossible, in my opinion, for the N.F.L. to redeem itself unless drastic measures are taken.

First thing first: Goodell needs to step down.

In this day and age, whether right or wrong, public unrest generally does not dissipate unless heads roll from the top on down. And in the case of Ray & Janay Rice, I believe Goodell’s actions justify his termination.

Allegedly, Goodell had seen the second half of the video tape, in which Ray Rice drags his then-fiancee out of the elevator. In the video, as is widely reported, she looks like a dead body – limp, unmoving, completely knocked unconscious.

Since I represent a defense attorney, I know all about the players’ rights to a due justice process, innocent before proven guilty, yada yada. But – when there are allegations and the corresponding video tape that corroborates horrible, violent, life-threatening domestic violence – action needs to be taken, and not in the form of a paltry two game suspension.

Photo of Ray Rice for PPR BlogHad the N.F.L. taken a hard line with Ray Rice and terminated his contract, saying that they MEAN it when they have a “zero tolerance” policy on domestic violence, there would have been an initial blow-back from sports reporters and enthusiasts, no doubt. BUT- where there is smoke, there’s fire – and the media relations division of the N.F.L. absolutely should have had the foresight to think: “Hmm … well there’s TMZ. Video already exists. The Revel Hotel is shutting down in a few months and some elevator operator will be unemployed. I bet that unemployeed AC worker would probably jump at the chance to take a pay-out from TMZ in exchange for the video inside the elevator.”

Truly- they should have thought of this. It’s not that challenging when you do this for a living to connect those dots. And maybe they DID think of this- and maybe Goodell did not take their advice. Either way though, the wrong decision was made because had they originally terminated Ray Rice – right now – the N.F.L. would be vindicated (at least in this one particular case).

After Goodell steps down the NFL needs to lay out – in no uncertain terms – that there truly is a zero tolerance policy and what that means, exactly.

Then – they need to make good on their word.

So many kids and young men look up to N.F.L. players both on and off the field. The N.F.L. simply cannot continue to allow their employees to get away with this type of behavior.

Written By: Annie Pace Scranton

A Publicist in the Making.

Before I begin, I’m going to backtrack four months to the first day of my internship at PPR. In short: I got lost. It was my first time navigating Manhattan, and I desperately wanted to blend in. The second I emerged from Grand Central, I knew that was going to be a very difficult task. After being bumped and prodded numerous times by passing people, I hastily enveloped myself into the hustle and bustle, having absolutely no clue if I was headed in the right direction.

I meandered for what felt like an eternity, completely at the mercy of my iPhone, my only source of direction. I would walk for a few blocks before the obnoxious blinking dot representing my body would appear to have a conniption, change its mind, and tell me to go back in the direction from which I came. This happened approximately five times, resulting in several mini-heart attacks and the realization that my phone was trying to kill me.

I wasn’t taking my surroundings in one block at a time; I was looking at the city as a whole, until it became aNYC PR Intern Stepping Out of a Cab blur of concrete, faces and taxis. At one point, I realized that I was directly in the middle of a flock of men, all of whom were holding briefcases, wearing beige coats, and talking into cell phones. Taking note of my skinny jeans and flats, and feeling quite out of place, I dodged off to the side and watched the circle of beige polyester continue down the sidewalk in unison. By now I’m frantic, and I had really begun to hate that wretched blinking dot in iPhone Maps.

Standing on a curb, silently cursing Apple, I heard a voice: “Where are you trying to go?” I looked up to see an older gentleman, holding a briefcase and wearing a long beige jacket. (He was one of them.) He must have seen my predicament, realized the sadness of it all, and took pity on me. I immediately felt myself blush; I had obviously failed at the game of “blending in.”

I responded in a pathetic voice: “Avenue of the Americas…” He chortled, and immediately tried to stop smiling, obviously not wanting to embarrass me. (Too late.) He then said, “Nobody calls it that. It’s Sixth Avenue.” My cheeks were on fire. Someone probably could’ve fried an egg on my face. My lower lip instinctively start to pout, and feeling more like a foreigner than ever before, all I could get out in reply was: “Oh…” He gave me quick directions, before disappearing into a passing blurry mass of stylish suits and high heels. Now with a renewed pace, and an actual sense of direction, I walked the fifteen some-odd blocks to the office building.

Upon entering, I approached two very grouchy looking men at the front desk. Feeling awkward, I did what I always do when I feel out of place – I smiled. The cornersof their mouths didn’t crack in the slightest. The day was off to a great start.

The next eight hours were spent on a very tedious first task of going through a massive list of contacts, and deciding which ones were eligible to be a possible spokesperson for our client. By the time 5 o’clock rolled around, and I safely made my way back to Grand Central, I collapsed on the train, half-dead. Ironically, my sister-in-law was only a few feet ahead of me, and I, literally being too exhausted to call out to her, waited for our eyes to meet. I spent the train ride telling her all about my first day, and I realized that along with my stories came a renewed energy, and that I was feeling something I hadn’t felt in a very long time: satisfaction.

Image of PR GirlFast-forwarding four months to right now, I fondly look back on my first day. Throwing myself into an uncomfortable and foreign environment has allowed me to grow as an adult, an individual, and a woman. My experiences and accomplishments, although relatively small and seemingly insignificant, have filled me with pride and confidence. It is very often that my favorite part of the day is when I check my email and have received a positive response to one of my pitches. I am ecstatic with the experiences I am having at PPR, the mentoring and guidance I’ve been receiving from Annie and Andrew, and the skills that I am cultivating that I’ll take with me in all my future endeavors

I write this now as I sit on the train, heading home from my commute. My final words – I still don’t like iPhone maps, but now the two men at the front desk smile back.

Written By: Laura
Pace Public Relations, Account Executive

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Final Words from Pace PR’s Summer Intern

Well, the day has finally come – my last day at Pace Public Relations! While many summer interns dream of this day, I can honestly say that I am sad to leave. My experience at PPR has been beyond beneficial. Annie and Andrew generously took me under their wing, and allowed me to fully experience the world of PR.  This summer has been a wonderful learning experience and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to intern with Pace Public Relations.


5 biggest lessons I learned from my summer internship at PPR!

1)   Don’t be afraid of failure.

On my very first day, Andrew asked me to write a short pitch. I had never written one before, and was terrified of being wrong. I took over an hour to write a short email! Looking back on it now, it seems crazy. This internship has taught me to squash my fear of being wrong, and to dive into tasks, headfirst. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? No one ever improved without a little constructive criticism.

2)   The day doesn’t end at 5.

Cara Delevingne crossing NYC Street

I may have only interned at PPR on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-5, but the world of PR didn’t know that I quickly found that to really excel at my internship, I had to constantly be connected. I often found myself answering e-mails or forwarding press hits to Annie and Andrew when I was working my other job, at practice, or sometimes, regarding a European client, when I was asleep. The world of PR is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No wonder this industry consumes a higher amount of coffee than most…

 3)   Stay organized.

I had the opportunity to work with multiple clients at once while at PPR. However, this opportunity also led to a level of multi-tasking that I had never experienced. I quickly found that the best way to stay on top of the work was to stay organized. I made separate folders on my computer for each client’s pitches, proposals, and media lists, made to-do lists every day in order of importance, and kept each client’s bio bookmarked on my computer. If I got a press e-mail, I made a point to answer it as quickly as possible. I learned that organization is the key to success in this business!

 4)   Never say no.

My funniest story from PPR to date was when Annie asked me to make baskets for our client, The Aloe Source. The baskets were to be sent to beauty, however, they were to include a live aloe plant. My day was spent running around Manhattan, transporting aloe plants on the subway, tracking down beauty editors, and making sure the messengers got the baskets to the correct magazines. I could have easily passed the task onto Andrew, but I found that the overwhelming feeling I first had quickly changed into determination and perfectionism. Besides, how else would I now know that there’s a plant district in New York City?

5)   Be gracious.

After sending out a particularly controversial pitch regarding religion and the current middle eastern conflict, I got a confrontational response from a religious reporter. At first I was alarmed, but Andrew taught me that kindness is key. Why be rude when being polite is an option? I found that it is much more beneficial to build bridges instead of burning them, no matter how frustrated or offended you may be.

I am beyond sad for my internship at PPR to be ending. I will miss spending the day with Annie and Andrew, being completely immersed in the news all day long, even my morning commute. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity, and hope that the rest of my fellow summer interns in NYC had as great of an experience as I did!

Goodbye summer, NYC, and PPR. Hello Fall, Long Island, and senior year of college!



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Apple To Take Over the Tech Market…

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will release its 2014 fiscal third-quarter 2014 results today, on July 22.  Dynalink CEO and PPR client, Larry Fishelson discusses Apple Inc. stock and expectations of investors connected with Apple earnings on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” Apple Logo Fishelson says, “’s time for Apple to now take over. There’s a few things that happened with Apple, very quietly, they have been out there but people haven’t truly realized it. The buy on Beats was huge […], it’s about content, they are now getting in content play.” Watch Fishelson on CNBC’s “Closing Bell”: Apple to Take Over The Tech Market Do you agree, will Apple rule the tech market?

It’s Maia Yogurt

American’s are now, more than ever, aware that lifestyle choices affect the quality and longevity of ones life.  Not smoking, avoiding excess sun exposure, 7 to 8 hours of sleep, proper exercise and a nutritious diet are vital to health.  I consider these the power players, that one can control, when it comes to lowering the risk of heart disease, types of cancer, diabetes, and obesity. These key factors don’t just aid in keeping blood pressure, weight and hormone levels in a healthy range; but even help one maintain a youthful appearance by warding off age revealing wrinkles.

Photo of Soul Cycle Studio

It’s safe to say we have gone from a nation obsessed with the golden arches of McDonalds, to a society enthralled with wellness.  I can’t turn a corner without seeing a Soul Cycle, yoga studio, the newest juicery, or a Whole Foods selling organic fruit and veggies, whole grains and antibiotic free range meat.

Disclaimer: Just because health is currently at its most prevalent, doesn’t mean everyone opts to lead such a lifestyle.  Myself included. I rarely get the required 8 hours of sleep necessary for maximum cognitive function.  I occasionally eat chips for breakfast and I love fried food.  It may be the Southerner in me, but I truly believe, frying any food is a guarantee that it will taste great!

However, I love to partake in the latest workout trend and cold pressed green juice. In fact, I like to fool myself into believing doing so makes up for the health components that are maybe lacking, fine, completely absent from my life.

Healthy eating day or not, there is one food I do consume daily- Greek yogurt. Protein and probiotic packed, it’s the perfect and necessary addition to everyone’s diet. In fact, I have come to be a bit of a Greek yogurt connoisseur.

Photo of Maia Yogurt

Photo Courtesy of

My favorite being Maia. It’s made from local grass-fed cow milk and contains 25 billion probiotic strands.  My favorite flavor is Vanilla Bean.  At a mere 110 calories it’s composed of 11 grams of protein (other flavors have up to 13 grams) and 3 grams of prebiotic fiber. Whereas most Greek yogurts don’t even have fiber.

I always substitute the original flavor for sour cream, it’s a mainstay ingredient in my smoothies, on the rare occasion I bake, I opt to use Maia instead of butter or oil. After introducing Maia to my friends, they are fully aboard the Maia Yogurt nutrient packed train. Favoring the taste of Maia over other Greek yogurt brands.

Upon looking at Maia Yogurt’s website, one of the company’s tag lines is “Because we love mom’s, just like you!”  I hope Maia also loves deprived sleep, occasionally nutrient deficient always on the go young adults, because we love you!

Written By: Director of Social Media for PPR

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Psychostimulants Increase Cardiovascular Risk

Today’s post comes to you by Dr. Clifford W. Bassett, M.D., the Medical Director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York.  Dr. Bassett is on the faculty of the New York University School of Medicine and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and Otolaryngology at the Long Island College Hospital and SUNY in Brooklyn.  He is a prominent media resource for national news organizations as an allergy and respiratory specialist.

Dr. Clifford Bassett on the Today Show

Photo Courtesy of Allergy & Asthma Care of NY

Dr. Bassett is a frequent contributor of news programming on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, CNN, WCBS 880 News Radio and a contributor to the Associated Press.

Psychostimulants Increase Cardiovascular Risk in Children with ADHD

Because attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children is now more frequently diagnosed, the number of prescribed medications against the disorder is also on the rise. However, Danish researchers have now found that taking psychostimulants increases the cardiovascular risk in children with ADHD.

Photo of Stimulants for Blog Post

Photo Courtesy of Daily News

The study, which involved 700,000 children in Denmark, was published in the “Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology”. Researchers from Denmark (Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark in Odensee) carried out the study together with physicians from Norway (Hospital of Telemark) and the USA (Yale University in New Haven). 8,300 study subjects had ADHD.

The cardiovascular risk of psychostimulant use in the entire population was compared to that of ADHD children taking the medication. In general, the researchers found that taking psychostimulants increases the risk of cardiovascular events (by 80 percent). However, in children with ADHD the risk was twice as high – but this also depended on the dose and the duration of intake.

“This study confirms the small but real risk we have understood for some time through prior reports and clinical experience,” said Harold S. Koplewicz, editor-in-chief of the journal.

For more information on Dr. Basset visit his website Clifford Bassett M.D.
For more information on Allergy & Asthma Care of NY click here

Photo of Dr. Clifford Bassett MD

Follow Dr. Bassett on Twitter @AllergyReliefNY
Like Allergy & Asthma Care of NY on Facebook

Dr. Oz and Dr. Bassett

Photo Courtesy of Allergic Living

Headfunder – the iPatch Case

Upon first look, the iPatch Case appears to be the typical generic protective harness needed to avoid an iPhone’s imminent screen death upon its fatal meeting at the end of its free fall trajectory from one’s hand to a concrete sidewalk.  However, upon further scrutiny there’s more to this case than meets the eye.

iPatch Case Headfunder Photo

The iPatch has a special switch, that when slid across the top of the phone, blocks both the front and back-facing cameras on the iPhone, allowing for iPhone lenses to be protected and covered just like a standard lens cap would be on a high-end camera.  Not only does this case keep the lenses pristine, the iPatch case also protects you from hackers who want to spy on you using your iPhone’s camera.

Scarily enough, yes, an iPhone camera lens can be hacked!

For about $50, anyone can buy software that can access the camera in your smartphone or tablet.  And that is precisely what happened to a Miss Teen USA 2013 contestant.

What could be better when it comes to protecting one’s best friend (let’s face it the only activity we do that keeps us separated from our cell phones longer than 3 hours is sleep) from fingerprints, cracks, dust and scratches than the added bonus of protecting yourself from hackers newest way to of breaking and entering?


iPatch Case Headfunder CampaignThis morning, the case’s creator, Michael Sorrentino, launched a Headfunder campaign for the iPatch case.

Assuming iPatch reaches its $19,000 fundraising goal, it will be compatible with the iPhone 5 or 5S, and will hit shelves this fall retailing for $35.00. Eventually, iPatch hopes to make the case for different smartphones and tablets, too.

Pledging $20 to the campaign will award you an iPatch case in your choice of white, black, or purple.  For a mere $30.00 contribution you can snag a pink iPatch case.

eeb2be0b607fc1a15dcb4ec9b3b859f9So what are you waiting for?

Head over to Headfunder now and donate to the campaign.  After which we advise you to promptly kick your feet up and enjoy the rest of the summer, as you can jump in the ocean during your weekend get away without worry of your iPhone’s lens being dulled by sand grains…and you can cross one less method off your list as to how you can be tracked through your phone.

Headfunder Campaign – iPatch Case

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Monday Kickstart from Deborah Enos

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