A Day in the Life of a PR Intern

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/12/fashion-intern-diaries_n_925424.htmlAh, the life of a Public Relations student – while most college students head home to work summer jobs, we are the lucky ones who spend our summer in the city, learning about press releases, pitches, and media!

I have successfully finished my first week as a summer intern at PPR! After getting on the wrong subway on my first day (I needed the UPTOWN E-train – lesson learned) and walking 20+ blocks, I finally arrived for my first day in the office! I was immediately handed many interesting tasks. Andrew taught me the ins-and-outs of Cision, and soon I was on my way. At my last internship, I was barely allowed to touch pitches and press releases, much less write them myself. I was very nervous at first, but with Annie and Andrew’s help, I feel much more confident with my work.

My first big task was given to me by Annie. She wanted to pitch her client, high-end real estate broker Victoria Shtainer, to the producers at Real Money with Ali Velshi at Al Jazeera America. Victoria was born in Russia, so Annie wanted me to find some real estate stories with an international component. After some research, I found many stories concerning the Russian and Chinese investment rate in New York City real estate. To my surprise, the producers liked my ideas! I can’t wait to see when Victoria will land on Al Jazeera, especially since my parents are both real-estate brokers themselves (Hi, Mom and Dad).Cara Delevingne crossing NYC Street

Well, readers, I am about to power down and take the train home to CT for Memorial Day Weekend. I hope all of my fellow PR interns had a great first week! Here’s to a fun, hard-working summer!

By: Katlyn Catubig
Pace Public Relations Summer Intern

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